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The Four R's of WCCTV

With WCCTV's mobile video surveillance systems, you can protect the people and places that matter most with our 'four R' approach to security.

Since 2001, WCCTV has specialized in delivering live and recorded video from surveillance cameras utilizing cellular communication technology.

Our all-in-one security systems provide unrivaled convenience, allowing for quick and easy installation and complete portability.

Companies worldwide trust WCCTV to mitigate, deter, and report criminal activity. At the heart of our success is our dedication to providing systems that are rapid deployment, redeployable, reliable, and ideal for remote locations. 

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Rapid Deployment

WCCTV's mobile surveillance units are designed for rapid deployment and ease of installation.

Our pole cameras are plug-and-play units that attach to an existing utility pole or building and are powered by 110v mains. If mains power isn't available, we have a solution!

Our solar surveillance trailers can be deployed in less than 20 minutes in locations where mounting columns or power aren't available.

With WCCTV's mobile surveillance units, there's no need to run cabling, no need for on-site power, and no need to have a mounting structure for the cameras.

Whether you're on a construction site hit by burglaries and in need of immediate security or a law enforcement agency looking to respond to rising crime rates, a rapid deployment camera can make all the difference. 


It's improbable that your surveillance applications will stay the same forever - most are temporary.

Whether you're securing a construction job site for the build, boosting security at a commercial parking lot over the holiday period, or increasing situational awareness at a major event, temporary security cameras are ideal.

WCCTV mobile surveillance units are fully portable, so they can be quickly relocated if your surveillance requirements change. 

This benefit allows law enforcement to respond dynamically to rising crime rates and construction project managers to move cameras around as a job site develops.

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Remote Locations

Because WCCTV's mobile surveillance units are entirely autonomous in powering and video transmission, they are ideal for off-grid applications at even the most remote locations.

Whether you're looking to secure an oilfield, a remote job site, a rural community hit by illegal dumping, or a pop-up event, WCCTV's units can provide extra eyes on the ground without the need for any existing infrastructure.

Utilizing our free viewing software or mobile app allows you to access your WCCTV cameras from anywhere at any time, reducing the need to visit your remote sites.


If you've chosen to invest in mobile surveillance cameras, you want to be assured that your cameras are active and ready to prevent or catch criminals.

At WCCTV, we provide the highest quality surveillance technology, backed by a service and support guarantee that ensures your cameras are always alert. 

Every system we supply comes with our built-in Heartbeat Diagnosis system that intelligently monitors the camera's status and sends an alert if there are any issues. 

Our US-based technical support team can remotely fix up to 99% of downtime issues, and we provide free-of-charge support for the product's lifetime, not just until the warranty expires.

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Wireless CCTV LLC (WCCTV) was formed in 2001 and is the global leader in rapid deployment, mobile surveillance cameras, remote and temporary site security solutions, and time lapse video filming and production. 

Every WCCTV product can be backed by a managed service that includes installation, video monitoring, LTE connectivity packages, alarm monitoring, ongoing US-based technical support, and training for the lifetime of all products. 

To learn more about WCCTV products and services, contact our team by filling out a quick contact form or calling 877 805-9475.

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