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Managing Increased Summer Crime Rates With Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Mobile Surveillance Cameras



Learn how mobile video surveillance cameras can help a range of industries manage the increased crime rates associated with the summer season.

Managing Summer Crime Spikes with Mobile Surveillance Cameras

With temperatures set to hit 96° here in Dallas this week, it's finally starting to feel like summer.

As temperatures rise and the days get longer, we start to see increased outdoor activities and, unfortunately, a spike in crime rates.

Mobile video surveillance cameras, such as solar surveillance trailers, can play a major role in managing the increased crime rates during the summer months.

These units provide a flexible, rapid-deployment safety and security solution that can be installed in practically any location to provide temporary surveillance coverage during peak crime seasons.

Below, we explore the key factors that cause an uptick in crime during the summer, and why mobile surveillance cameras can provide a perfect antidote.

Why Do Crime Rates Increase in the Summer?

Statistics produced by the FBI and the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) show a recurring theme of crime rates peaking during the summer months, particularly in the rates of violent crime and property crimes

While figures vary from state to state, the data shows that on a national level, crime rates rise by approximately 10-20% during the summer months compared to the winter months. 

Trying to pinpoint exactly why crime rates go up in summer is complex, as the causes can be wide-ranging and multi-layered, and correlation does not always equal causation.

However, that said, there are a number of environmental factors that occur specifically in summer that can play a direct role in increased crime rates. These include:

Warmer Temperatures and Longer Days

Warmer weather leads to people spending more time outdoors, increasing the likelihood of crimes such as theft, vandalism, and violence. 

Speaking to our own experiences here at WCCTV, we always see an increase in attempted intrusions onto construction jobsites we secure during the summer months. 

We attribute this to criminals preferring to conduct their 'business' in warmer weather rather than on cold or rainy days.

But it's not just within our microcosm; national statistics also prove this. The National Crime Victimization Survey shows that household property crimes are approximately 11% higher in the summer than during other seasons.

Schools Out

It is not just a hella catchy Alice Cooper song; school vacation time can also contribute to increased crime rates.

With schools closed, teenagers and young adults have a lot of free time on their hands to engage in activities such as trespassing, vandalism, and arson. 

While the majority of the kids are alright (sorry, enough with the song references), studies by the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention show that juvenile crime rates are higher during the summer months when school is out.

This is partly attributable to the lack of structured activity and supervision during the summer.  

Events and Festivals

Summer is peak season for outdoor gatherings such as music festivals, Fourth of July celebrations, and other major public events.

The increased footfall these events create can often bring increased crime in the form of theft, violence, vehicle crimes, and disorder.

Mobile Surveillance Trailer at Downtown Event

Which Areas See the Highest Increase in Crime During Summer?

We mentioned above that we typically see a rise in attempted unauthorized access to construction jobsites that we protect during the summer months, but these are just one of many locations affected by summer crime spikes.

Areas that see the highest levels of crime increase during summer include:

Construction Jobsites

Construction sites are particularly vulnerable to increased theft and vandalism during the summer for several reasons:

Increased Activity: With more construction activity occurring during the summer months, more valuable equipment and materials are on-site, making them prime targets for opportunist and organized theft.

Lighter Conditions: Increased daylight hours provide more opportunities for criminals to scout out jobsites and assess how best to navigate them. 

Warmer Weather: Our experience tells us that criminals prefer to operate in warmer weather, avoiding the discomfort of committing their crimes in cold or rainy conditions.

Residential Properties:

The FBI reports that residential burglary rates are significantly higher in July and August compared to other months. Below are the key factors that appear to contribute to this rise:

Vacation Season: Unfortunately, your summer vacation makes your home a more inviting target for burglars. FBI statistics show an increase in burglary of around 11% during July and August, coinciding with the time many people travel for vacation.

Home Improvement Projects: Summer is also a popular time for home renovation projects. During these projects, construction materials around your property can attract opportunist thieves.

Increased Foot Traffic: Neighborhoods often see increased pedestrian traffic during the summer months, which can provide the opportunity for burglars to blend in and scout out potential targets. 

Parks and Recreation Spaces:

With more people outdoors in communal areas for longer periods during the summer, law enforcement agencies typically report higher instances of crimes such as violence, vandalism, and theft from public spaces.  

Some of the factors that present this opportunity for crime include: 

Crowded Conditions: Parks and recreation spaces are much busier during the summer months, allowing criminals to operate undetected.

Unattended Items: People often leave their personal belongings unattended while engaging in recreational activities, which presents thieves with the opportunity to strike.

Nighttime Gatherings: The longer evening and favorable weather conditions often mean more people are outdoors during the evening and nighttime, increasing the likelihood of a crime occurring. 

Commercial Establishments and Retail Locations:

Retail stores and other commercial establishments also see an uptick in crime during summer.

The increased foot traffic and crowded spaces provide fertile ground for thieves to target stores, vehicles, and personal property.

The National Association for Shoplifting Prevention (NASP) recently reported that shoplifting incidents rise during peak shopping seasons, including summer

The National Retail Federation (NRF) likewise reports that organized retail crime, which costs retailers an average of $700,000 per $1 billion in sales, often spikes during the summer months.

Higher Customer Volume: Higher customer footfall presents shoplifters and other criminals with an ideal opportunity to blend in and operate undetected 

Seasonal Promotions: We have all seen the ugly scenes that can occur in detail environments when promotional events such as Black Friday go live. Many retail outlets offer similar promotions during the summer, too, creating an environment that is ripe for disorder and violence.

Temporary Staff: During peak seasons, many retailers employ temporary staff to assist with operations. These team members are likely to be significantly less experienced at identifying and responding to potential crime threats.

LotGuard Mobile Surveillance Trailer - Retail Lot

How Can Mobile Surveillance Cameras Manage Summer Crime?

Mobile surveillance cameras, including solar surveillance trailers and rapid deployment pole camera units, can play a crucial role in preventing crimes during the summer and beyond.

Their flexibility, mobility, and autonomous operation make them the most suitable solution for enhancing safety on a temporary or highly targeted basis.

Some of the key reasons why they are so effective are outlined below:

Flexibility and Mobility:

The key benefit of mobile surveillance cameras is that they are easy to deploy and can quickly be relocated to meet evolving crime patterns.

This flexibility allows law enforcement to move cameras from one part of a city to another during the peak summer season to temporarily secure an event, parking lot, or parks and recreation site.

For construction site owners and property managers, it means that cameras can be quickly hired and typically deployed to a site within 48-72 hours to close any security gaps.


Mobile surveillance units, especially solar surveillance trailers, provide a highly visible deterrent to potential criminals. Crimes are much less likely to occur in an area covered by overt video surveillance units. 

Studies, including those from the Urban Institute, have shown that visible surveillance can reduce crime rates by up to 50% in some areas.

Live Video Monitoring:

Mobile surveillance units that utilize cellular connectivity allow users to remotely access video feeds at any time from any location, including sending the video feeds directly to a remote monitoring center.

Having professionally trained eyes monitoring your jobsite or property is an effective and proactive security solution, as the monitoring center can initiate a remote crime prevention process in real-time to protect your assets.

This preventative solution can include live voice-down audio, the trigger of alarms and sirens, and the dispatch of local law enforcement.

The video below demonstrates the effectiveness of WCCTV surveillance units when paired with live monitoring:

High-Definition Video Evidence

Responding to events in real time is crucial to ensuring your property and people remain protected, but it is also super important to ensure you capture high-quality video evidence.

In the event of a theft from your jobsite or property, if you initiate legal proceedings against a suspect, one of the first things you're going to hear in court is 'is there any surveillance footage of the incident?'

Modern mobile video surveillance cameras capture ultra-high definition video footage, allows you to investigate any criminal activites that occurs within view of the cameras.

Night Vision and Low-Light Capability:

Mobile surveillance cameras equipped with infrared day/night technology allow you to capture high-quality video at any time of day or night.

This is especially helpful when it comes to securing commercial or industrial properties, construction job sites, and events that extend into the evening.

Even with the longer summer days approaching, it will still get dark at some point, and knowing you can capture video no matter what the lighting provides incredible peace of mind.

Remote Access:

If your mobile surveillance units deliver live video feeds via cellular connectivity, then it's likely you will be able to access your footage via a mobile app or desktop software platform.

This allows for a better oversight of your locations and the coordination of any response in the event of a crime situation.

You can have surveillance footage in the palm of your hand no matter where you are and whatever time of day it is.

WCCTV Pole Camera and LPR Unit

Where Should Mobile Surveillance Cameras Be Deployed to Combat Summer Crimes?

Key to the effectiveness of mobile surveillance cameras is their ability to be installed quickly at practically any location, regardless of power or internet availability.

This makes them the ideal solution for responding to problematic crime areas on a temporary basis, with the ability to quickly relocate them once the issues in a particular location have been addressed. 

Below, we outline some key deployment strategies for mobile surveillance cameras:

High-Risk Areas:

Some locations, such as parking lots, parks, and construction sites, present a natural attraction for crime.

Utilizing crime data patterns will allow you to identify the areas most in need of additional surveillance coverage and ramp up your security profile accordingly. 


Surveillance cameras are most effective when they provide a visual deterrent to criminals and stop crimes from happening in the first place. 

Place your cameras where they are likely to be seen, and support that deployment with signs drawing attention to your surveillance coverage. 

This strategic deployment tactic will make criminals think twice before acting.

Review Deployments Frequently:

Traditional security camera networks are impractical because once the cameras are installed, you are permanently stuck with them in one location.

What happens if crime moves to another location? After you have invested great expense and effort in installing them, those cameras become completely redundant. 

Mobile surveillance cameras allow you to quickly move cameras to where they are needed most, so take advantage of this opportunity by regularly reviewing the effectiveness of the cameras' location. 

LotGuard Unit in Parking Lot

Case Study: Enhancing Construction Site Security During Summer

Construction activity typically ramps during the summer, with companies taking advantage of the favorable conditions to complete activity.

This additional output comes with a higher risk of theft, as sites will contain a higher volume of valuable construction materials.

By deploying mobile surveillance cameras at strategic locations around a jobsite, construction managers can:

  • Monitor Site Activity: Remotely monitor all activity occurring on site, detecting any unusual or suspicious behavior. This oversight can help prevent incidents before they escalate.
  • Protect Equipment and Materials: 24/7 video monitoring services ensure the protection of valuable construction equipment and materials from theft and vandalism.
  • Cover Entrances and Exits: Manage site access to prevent unauthorized intrusions and identify irregular behavior that may comprise your jobsite's security profile.
  • Safeguard Perimeter: Mobile surveillance cameras can be strategically located to safeguard the perimeter of your jobsites, and automatically detect any unwelcome intruders.

Mobile surveillance cameras backed by live video monitoring services provide a complete solution that safeguards against construction site losses by preventing theft, trespass, and values.

They also provide high-quality video evidence that can be used in law enforcement investigations or insurance claims. 

Surveillance Camera Trailer at Construction Site

Summary: Enjoy a Safer Summer with WCCTV

Managing increased crime rates during the summer requires a proactive approach to security.

Mobile surveillance cameras offer an effective, flexible, and cost-efficient solution to enhance safety and deter criminal activities.

By strategically deploying these cameras, businesses, construction sites, retail locations, and community events can enjoy a safer environment, ensuring that the summer remains enjoyable for everyone.

For more information on how WCCTV can help secure your summer, complete the short contact form below, and we will contact you.



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