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LotGuard Pro Solar Surveillance Trailer at Parking Lot


Industries That Should Use Solar Surveillance Trailers

Solar Surveillance Trailers



Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailers continue to increase in popularity as their flexibility allows them to be utilized in several different scenarios. Below, WCCTV explores the key industries that can benefit from their deployment.

Who Should Use Mobile Surveillance Trailers

As one of the most versatile types of mobile video surveillance, the demand for solar surveillance trailers continues to grow.

The benefits of using solar surveillance trailers are unmatched by traditional security solutions such as guards or hard-wired, fixed security cameras. 

So, while you may most typically see surveillance trailers deployed at parking lots or construction jobsites, the use cases for these systems continue to develop and expand into emerging industries. 

Wherever there is an off-grid, temporary, or changing requirement for security coverage, you will increasingly find solar surveillance trailers as the go-to option. 

Why? Well, there are tons of reasons. From budget efficiency and convenience to their visible show of force in high-crime areas, solar trailers can do it all. 

Below, we outline the key industries that have adopted these mobile surveillance units and the benefits they deliver.

What are the Key Components of a Solar Surveillance Trailer?

A mobile surveillance trailer is comprised of several different components that work together to create a truly rapid-deployment, autonomous security solution.

To best answer the question of what a solar surveillance trailer is, we find it easiest to highlight each component from top to bottom, detailing how each element contributes to the overall solution.

Security Cameras

At the very top of a solar surveillance trailer is where you will find the surveillance cameras. Typical features of these cameras include pan, tilt, and zoom (PTZ) control, infrared or night vision capability, video analytics, and high-definition video streams.

On a WCCTV solar trailer, we utilize our own pole camera solutions, which also offer onboard cellular connectivity and a built-in hard drive for video storage. This allows for remote access to real-time and archived video footage.

Lights and LEDs

To increase the visual presence of a surveillance trailer, strobe lights, flood lights, and/or LEDs are often located at the top of the unit. These are primarily used as a deterrent, drawing additional attention to the trailer to help warn off criminal activity. It's better to prevent crime than record it.

Horn Speakers, Voice Down Units, and Sirens

Speaking of crime prevention, solar surveillance trailers can also be fitted with a range of audio devices that can sound a live alert to let anyone engaging in criminal activity know that they are being recorded and police are en route. 

There are few things more satisfying than seeing the reaction of a criminal who thinks they're operating undetected when one of WCCTV's monitoring professionals issues an audio warning. This is often all it takes to get them to hightail it out of there. 

Surveillance Trailer Benefits Graphic


The mast is the vertical pole that supports the cameras and other security devices. In addition to elevating the cameras up to 20ft, the mast acts as a camera mounting platform, meaning users can deploy cameras anywhere regardless of whether there's somewhere to mount them.

Masts can be hand-crank or hydraulic, rotatable to allow optimum camera positioning, and constructed to withstand any outdoor environment. 

Solar Panel

The solar panel is the main power source of a solar surveillance trailer. It converts direct sunlight into energy that charges the trailer's batteries. This eliminates the need for on-site electricity hookups or generators and is an environmentally friendly approach to security. Choosing a solar trailer with the right size solar panel is essential, and it pays to research the most effective solutions.


The actual trailer element is at the base of the solution. This provides the unit's mobility and portability. It will be designed to be durable, weather—and vandal-resistant, and easy to transport. It can also have stabilizers, jacks, and locks to secure it in place.

Storage Box

The storage box contains the backup power source of the surveillance trailer, typically batteries. These ensure the continuous operation of the trailer even in times of low sunlight.

Control Panel

The control panel allows users to monitor the trailer's performance, see how much battery time remains, and review historical performance levels. It can typically be accessed via desktop software or a mobile app. 

Which Industries Should Use Mobile Surveillance Trailers?

At WCCTV, we have been supplying solar surveillance trailers since 2001, working with companies across a wide range of industries.

Just when we think we have seen every deployment scenario for our trailers, something new comes along and surprises us. 

In our experience, these are the key industries that should use mobile surveillance cameras:

Construction Sites

Construction sites remain one of the most common deployment scenarios for solar surveillance surveillance trailers.

With construction site security an ongoing challenge due to thieves targeting valuable materials such as copper, cables, tools, and machinery, solar trailers are spearheading the fightback against crime.

Solar trailers are ideal for construction sites as they operate independently of power and internet facilities and can be quickly relocated to meet changing site layouts. 

When backed by remote video monitoring services, they are a proactive solution for detecting and deterring site intrusions.

Mobile Surveillance Camera Trailer Jobsite

Surface Lots

Parking lots are a significant hotspot for criminal activity, with approximately 2 million crimes occurring in lots every year - contributing to about $6 billion in property losses. 

Whether it's a strip mall, commercial property, surface lot, or truck stop, specialized parking lot surveillance trailers like LotGuard are becoming increasingly common.

The range of visual and audio deterrents offered by surveillance trailers helps parking lot owners increase their security profile without hiring expensive, unreliable security guards.

Property Management

Property managers are increasingly adopting mobile solar surveillance trailers to increase security at malls, retail environments, vacant properties, and other commercial properties.

LotGuard surveillance trailers are deployed at parking facilities and business properties across the US, delivering 24/7 views of activity and providing an unmistakable security presence.

Logistics and Distribution Centers

Logistics and distribution centers are dynamic environments with constant activity and changing conditions. Creating a secure environment where vehicle fleets, cargo, and people are protected can be incredibly challenging. 

The number of entry and exit points, high levels of activity, and the sheer scale of the perimeter of these locations demand a proactive, scalable, technology-based security solution.

Utilizing security guards can be costly and unreliable, but a surveillance trailer provides 24/7 high-grade surveillance at a budget-friendly price point.

Manufacturing Facilities

The day-to-day management of facilities, warehouses, and daily operations presents manufacturing businesses with several security challenges in addition to their day jobs. 

A single weak point in the supply chain can cost thousands of dollars from cargo theft, inventory shrinkage, internal theft, break-ins, and burglary.

Solar surveillance trailers, backed by video monitoring, provide a hands-off, zero-maintenance approach to security that allows facilities and operation managers to control security without creating extra work.

Untitled - 2024-05-25T110311.251 (1)

Higher Education and Universities

With thousands of students and faculty members congregating daily, overseeing the security of a campus environment presents a significant challenge.

With issues relating to violence and disorder increasing in 2024 and the existing challenges of theft, parking lot crime, unauthorized access to campus, and drug and gang activity - the need for better campus security has never been higher.

The most recently available statistics show that there are over 28,000 reported campus crimes every year, and ISD police and campus security teams are increasingly turning to solar surveillance trailers to augment their officers' efforts.

Trailers provide 24/7 security at higher education campuses, improving safety for students, staff, and visitors.


Unlike other properties with regular opening and closing times, hospitals and healthcare facilities are typically open 24/7/365. 

Protecting staff, patients, and property from the range of crimes that impact the outdoor areas of these facilities requires a solution that is always alert, always on guard, and ready to respond.

Solar surveillance trailers are ideal for deployment at healthcare locations as they provide a strong security profile, can be deployed to any location, eliminate blind spots, and provide reassurance that someone is always on guard should crimes occur.

Auto Dealerships

What other industry has its entire inventory out front of its business premises 365 days a year? It seems crazy that you would leave your most expensive merchandise outside your premises year-round, but that's the reality of owning a dealership. 

Dealership owners, particularly sites with vehicle storage facilities, are turning to solar trailers to protect these assets from vandalism and theft.

The presence of a solar trailer warns criminals that these vehicles are not there for the taking and helps prevent dealership owners from costly losses. 

Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure locations, such as power plants, water treatment facilities, and public utilities, utilize solar surveillance trailers to ensure high-level security coverage, especially in remote or off-grid areas.

Solar trailers represent a cost-effective alternative to security guards for these industries. They provide site managers with remote video feeds 24/7 to ensure continuous protection and situational awareness.

Additionally, the mobility and flexibility of solar surveillance trailers allow for rapid deployment and repositioning as needed to address evolving security threats and changing operational requirements.

Government Agencies

Federal, state, and local government agencies deploy solar surveillance trailers for multiple applications, including providing security for public utilities, temporary events, parking lots, and public works projects or enhancing city safety by delivering a show of force in high-crime areas.

Unlike the other industries referenced here, government agencies typically purchase surveillance trailers rather than rent them, as they have year-round requirements for targeted surveillance. 

Mobile Surveillance Trailer at Parking Lot

Law Enforcement

Surveillance trailers provide law enforcement with a flexible and rapid-deployment surveillance solution for responding quickly to emerging crime events. 

Trailers are often deployed to areas associated with a transient crime, such as illegal dumping, drug and gang culture, parking lots and business districts, and large-scale public events.


Legal cannabis farms and grow facilities face a range of security threats, including theft, trespass, and criminal damage.

They are often situated in remote locations, far away from vehicle and foot traffic, making them an ideal target for thieves.

With 1 in 2 cannabis operations affected by theft every year, several have deployed solar surveillance trailers to protect against criminal activity.

What Benefits Do Solar Surveillance Trailers Offer?

It's no coincidence that such a diverse range of industries favor surveillance trailers when looking to boost security; these truly are among the most effective and budget-efficient security solutions.

The ability to rent a surveillance unit for temporary applications provides the flexibility to increase surveillance coverage in times of need without incurring the costs of purchasing equipment.

But what are the specific benefits associated with solar surveillance trailers? The top five include:

  1. Rapid Deployment: With no complicated set-up or installation process, surveillance trailers can be quickly deployed to locations requiring security regardless of the on-site infrastructure.
  2. Cost Effectiveness: Solar surveillance trailers backed by live monitoring are often up to 88% cheaper than security guards, and unlike hardwired security cameras, there is no upfront cost for purchasing or installation.
  3. Zero-Maintenance: As completely plug-and-play, autonomous security solutions backed by a fully managed service, there are often no requirements for the user to engage with the units. They can get on with their day jobs knowing that a proactive, reliable security system is keeping watch 24/7.
  4. Off-Grid Capability: Solar trailers can be deployed to practically any location without reliance on power, internet, or mounting infrastructure.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Unlike other solutions that rely on generators, solar trailers are a carbon-neutral solution that benefits the environment.

WCCTV Solar Surveillance Trailers

WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of solar surveillance trailers.

Unlike other solutions, our trailer is made in the USA and not imported from overseas, meaning our customers receive a solution that is specifically designed for their environment, with full US-based technical support and a price that won't break the bank.

Whether you're looking to rent or purchase a solar surveillance trailer, WCCTV is the only sensible choice. 

FAQs About Mobile Solar Surveillance Trailers

How Long Can a Solar Surveillance Trailer Operate Without Sunlight?

Although sunlight is the primary power source for a solar surveillance trailer, most solutions will include battery backup systems. The run time of a solar trailer during periods of zero sunlight will depend on the capacity and reliability of these batteries and how effectively the solar panel harnesses even the lowest levels of sunlight. A WCCTV solar surveillance trailer with an 800w solar panel will provide at least 10 days of power in zero sunlight conditions.

What are the Maintenance Requirements for Solar Surveillance Trailers?

One key benefit of solar surveillance trailers is that they require only very minimal routine maintenance. Things to consider include the periodic cleaning of the solar panels, monitoring battery health and historical performance via the unit's control panel, and inspecting whether the mechanical components are in good condition. 

Can Solar Surveillance Trailers be Used in any Weather Conditions?

Solar surveillance trailers are built to operate in outdoor environments and deliver solid performance no matter the weather conditions. During periods of extreme weather, such as snow, ice, and high wind, it's advisable to monitor and maintain the trailer to ensure it remains operationally effective. Periods of zero sunlight can diminish the effectiveness of solar surveillance trailers, although a WCCTV surveillance trailer has a robust battery backup to mitigate this.



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