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How to Secure Your Job Site at Every Phase of the Project

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Construction job sites are constantly evolving, and the threats they face from thieves and vandals change with every development. Learn how to secure your project at every phase.

How do you Secure a Jobsite at Each Phase of Development?

Construction job sites are constantly evolving environments. At every phase, your project is at risk from theft, vandalism, and trespass, but the security measures you need can differ depending on your stage.

Theft or vandalism on your construction job site can be costly for you and slow your building project down considerably.

Thieves and vandals have no business being on your construction job site. So, how do you keep your sites protected?

Phase 1: The Foundation Phase

Foundations are laid during the first phase of a construction project. During this period, relatively few people are involved in the project, and very few expensive materials or equipment will be kept on site. As a result, your focus may not yet be on security.

A simple security measure such as placing a safe barrier around the job site will give your employees enough space to do their work while keeping unauthorized persons off-site.

This enhances security and helps boost safety, as residents will not gain access to your construction job site by accident and find themselves at risk.

However, while fences are great ways to determine the boundaries of your site, they are not an effective security solution. 

A fence will not stand in the way of a determined trespasser, vandal, or thief, nor will a fence alert you if it is cut or breached.  

Even during these early phases of your project, it is advisable to install proactive job site security cameras to keep watch over your assets.

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Phase 2: The Structural Phase

During the structural phase, your construction job site is becoming busier, with more contractors and subcontractors entering the site.

This increased site traffic and the presence of valuable building materials such as copper, steel, and lumber means a more proactive approach to security is required.

Installing mobile surveillance cameras is the most effective way to protect your construction job site after working hours.

Mobile surveillance cameras are ideal for construction job site security as they need little or no supporting infrastructure and can be installed in minutes, providing immediate protection.

Installing a fixed security camera network at a temporary worksite is cost-prohibitive, takes considerable time to install, and doesn't provide the flexibility required to respond to constantly changing environments and new surveillance requirements.

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Phase 3: The Final Phase

Expensive equipment is often installed during the final phase of the construction project, so good security is essential. The security during the first phase can now be moved to a more suitable protection area.

Due to their portability, Our mobile surveillance trailers can be moved around a construction job site as it develops, helping site managers respond to new surveillance requirements.

If someone comes to your construction site out of hours, our surveillance cameras contain built-in intelligent video analytics that automatically detects them. The intruder will promptly leave the site once a remote live audio challenge is issued.

If the intruders fail to leave, the monitoring team will escalate to a dedicated security patrol and/or local PDs, depending on what has occurred.

What's the Best Way to Keep Criminals Off Your Construction Jobsite?

Using the proper security measures is a step in the right direction. However, if you want to tackle construction job site security, there is much more you can do.

Not only do we understand that every construction site is organized differently, but we also realize that the surroundings also play a role in the number of risk factors.

Our mobile surveillance experts have created a range of best practice guides that help organizations boost worker safety and enhance security on construction sites.

Managed Surveillance Cameras for Construction Job Sites

We can provide our market-leading surveillance technology with a comprehensive service, including equipment installation, video monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing technical support.

Our cameras provide multi-application benefits, including security, Time Lapse Video filming, and remote project management.

We can provide our security cameras whether you have on-site power or not, whether you have mounting poles for the cameras, and they all contain the latest LTE transmission. So they are entirely autonomous solutions.

We have a solution no matter what kind of site you're on.

Want to learn more? Contact us at 877 805 9475 or fill out a quick contact form.



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