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How To Secure Festivals and Events

Managing security for a festival or event can take time and effort. Thousands of people suddenly descend on a remote location or flood the streets of your community for an annual event, creating multiple safety issues.

No matter how remote the event is or how limited the onsite infrastructure is, WCCTV’s mobile surveillance trailers ensure that public safety is easy to prioritize.

A surveillance trailer provides the following benefits:

  1. A reliable solution to ensure security and safety

  2. Ease of installation and removal

  3. Monitoring multiple locations at once

These benefits make our surveillance trailer the ideal event safety and security tool.

Their portability, multiple functionalities and reliability increase public safety without needing to increase manpower.

How To Secure Festivals and Events MAIN


Events are temporary occurrences, so a rapid deployment and portable solution allows you to deploy cameras only when and where they are needed most.

Mobile video surveillance cameras are particularly effective as they provide portability, allowing you to position them at strategic locations or 'hot spots’.

WCCTV's surveillance solutions feature plug-and-play capability, meaning you can have a complete overview of your events in minutes. 

Check out the timed install below.


Having extra eyes on the ground during a crowded event gives you the time to react to any emerging situation.

WCCTV’s units can be accessed remotely via the 4G LTE connection, allowing you to view live and recorded footage from smartphones or a control and command centre.

You can take immediate action if any dangerous activities or emergencies are spotted.

While assisting your team on the ground, surveillance cameras can also deter any would-be criminals with live audio challenges and flashing blue lights that can be triggered by perimeter or manually.

This takes away the opportunity for a crime to be committed.

Check out the functionality in this video below


WCCTV provides its rapid deployment surveillance solutions on a rental basis, with a range of managed services, including installation, video monitoring, maintenance and proactive health checks. 

Our systems are autonomously-powered and can be rapidly deployed at practically any location without any fixed infrastructure for power or video transmission.

They also contain built-in video analytics functionality providing verification and alerts, allowing for automated and intelligent surveillance.

Our USA-based tech support team can help you set up, manage and train you to get the most out of your systems; if something isn’t right, we will send out a local field engineer tech to ensure you are up and running in no time.

WCCTV Solar Surveillance Trailers Deployed at Oktober Fest Event

WCCTV Mobile Surveillance For Event Security

WCCTV is the USA's leading expert in managed surveillance cameras for event security.

We firmly believe that video surveillance cameras are the most effective way of boosting security at your events and having extra eyes in the field.

Our cameras can function whether you have power or are dependent on solar energy. Our units contain 4G LTE transmission technology allowing them to operate entirely autonomously.

Ready to learn more about how WCCTV can protect your events? Call our team today on 877 805-9475 or email

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