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Cold Weather, Dark Nights: What This Means For Your Job Site

The clocks being set back at the start of November signals the beginning of the winter season. For the construction industry, this change can spark both safety concerns and challenges around security.

If you haven’t yet prepared for the change in seasons, then be aware that the risk of theft increases significantly during this period.

Here at WCCTV, we have over 20 years’ experience in the industry which our security experts have drawn upon to outline why winter is so problematic for construction job site security.

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Security Guards

If you employ a security guard to patrol your job site, you may run into problems with availability during the colder season due to uncontrollable circumstances such weather conditions creating challenges with travel.

This could lead to a guard missing an entire shift, leaving your site completely unprotected.  

Similarly, the winter season can also prompt an increase in illnesses, and your security personnel could call in sick. Scrambling around at the last minute to arrange alternative cover can be a huge time drain on already stretched resources.  

WCCTV’s mobile surveillance units mitigate the requirement for a physical security presence. They are a cost-effective, convenient, and ultra-reliable alternative that never takes a break from protecting your sites.

Cost-effectiveness of Video Surveillance vs. Security Guards

Dark conditions increase site vulnerability

Would-be criminals prefer the cover of darkness, which makes it much harder to spot them scoping out a job site or committing a crime.

If your job site is poorly lit, it could be a prime target for thieves. Even if your construction project is in a busy area with plenty of foot traffic, any dark or wet weather means that there will be fewer pedestrians in the vicinity.

To learn more ways to help keep your job sites secured, download our free eBook, A Comprehensive Guide to construction Site Security, below.

 A Comprehensive Guide to Construction Site Security


Holiday closures

Of course, the start of the colder season also means that the Holiday season is about to begin, with Thanksgiving and Christmas now just around the corner.

While there’s every reason for your construction company to celebrate with some well-deserved time off, any inoccupancy of your site does put you at risk of vandalism or a break-in.

WCCTV’s managed surveillance cameras provide peace of mind over the holiday season. A world-class security team will monitor your sites - proactively protecting them from theft and criminal damage.

But do remember to fully secure your site and lock up your tools, plant machinery, and raw materials before you clock off at the end of December.

The Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring

WCCTV - Managed Security Cameras for surveillance all-year-round

Mobile surveillance cameras are undoubtedly the most effective solution for securing your construction job sites this winter.

WCCTV market-leading cameras are backed by a fully managed service that includes camera installation, remote alarm monitoring services, maintenance, and ongoing US-based technical support.

Our customizable surveillance units can be utilized at any job site and easily function whether you have power or are dependent on solar energy. All of our units contain 4G LTE transmission technology – allowing the cameras to operate autonomously.

Your construction job site can be monitored 24/7 and 365 days a year, whatever the weather. If a security event does occur, our certified monitoring station will initiate a live audio warning and dispatch a local police department.

Find out how WCCTV's Mobile Surveillance Cameras can assist with construction site security by contacting us at 877 805-9475 or emailing

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