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Casa Grande Police Department Case Study

Organization and Sector

The City of Casa Grande has a long and proud tradition of hosting events in the city throughout the year.

Every year there is an increase in the number of visitors that attend, which provides multiple security risks ranging from bomb threats, terrorist alerts, crowd control and general emergencies.

The Challenge

A consideration that is often overlooked is the amount of equipment and personnel required to provide security and safety at major public events. Not all events are in one central location or easily manageable and, unfortunately, emergency personnel can’t be everywhere - all the time.

The Solution

It was imperative for the Casa Grande Police Department to find a force multiplier that would give event planners eyes on as many areas as possible with the minimal amount of resources.

The WCCTV Solar Trailer was quickly identified as a solution that matched their ideal requirements as an autonomously-powered video surveillance system that can be rapidly deployed at practically any location, providing security for remote sites, short-term events or off-grid locations.

Its high definition PTZ camera was ideal for providing a detailed overview of events, and the 4TB of on-board recording allows event staff to retrospectively review events. 

The Result

The WCCTV Solar Trailer cameras have the ability to transmit live and recorded footage via the 4G LTE network to the security team at any location where the solar trailer is deployed.

Members of the Casa Grande team could also access the video from smartphones and tablets whilst out of the control room. This allows the operators to quickly connect into any of the cameras and review the events in High definition without having to physically visit the event.

Little Elm Small

The system also features alarms and sirens which provides remote, proactive security and is a visual reassurance to event attendees.

The Quote

"The Casa Grande Police Department is committed to using innovative equipment/technology that helps in its mission to better serve their community while meeting the shifting demands of police work.

The Casa Grande Police Department found a solution to this problem through technology such as WCCTV, which gave the police department the ability to monitor in real time an area(s) without having to be physically present.

In the event of an emergency, this allows personnel overseeing an event at a command post or other designated area to identify and deploy the appropriate amount of resources (Police, Fire and City) to a scene/incident."

Lt. Frank Alanis

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