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The WCCTV Body Worn Camera Protect is a UK-manufactured body camera specifically designed to improve safety and security for frontline workers. 

The small yet durable device delivers powerful functionality, including live video transmission, two-way audio, real-time alerts and GPS via a 4G mobile connection.

Uniquely, the camera unit features a forward-facing screen that alerts a subject that they are being recorded, a proven deterrent to violent confrontations. 

The camera's simple, functional design lends itself to ease of use, with one button to start recording and one button to stop recording.

Complete Body Worn Video Solutions

WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras can be provided as part of a complete body worn video solution when used in conjunction with WCCTV's Evidence Management Software (EMS).

EMS provides users with a digitally secure total case management solution - allowing the searching, storing and sharing of video files securely and efficiently.

A wide range of accessories to support the Body Worn Camera Connect+ deployment are available, find out more here: WCCTV Body Worn Camera Accessories.

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1 Status indicators

2 LED light - 4M illumination (true colour)

3 HD video recording

4 Audio recording

5 One button record

6 4G*, wifi streaming & GPS location details *(connect version only)

7 Local recording (up to 128GB)

8 2.8" front facing screen

9 Environmentally tested housing (IP65)

WCCTV Body Camera Protect

WCCTV Body Worn Protect

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WCCTV Body Worn Camera - Protect: Specifications
Dimensions (HxWxD): 76mm x 57mm x 28mm
Operating temperature: -10 to +50C
Weight: 124G
1080p recording
30 frames per second playback
Audio and video recording
Front-facing screen
Touchscreen control and navigation
32GB - 64GB
Non-removable storage 
IP64 rated
30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds or 120 seconds pre-event recording buffer
AES 256 bit video encryption
Full video metadata capture
Li-Polymer battery
6.5 hour battery (full recording)

9 hour battery (standby)

LED white-light with 5m illumination for day/night recording