Benefits of Time Lapse Video

Time Lapse Video is already a key service for construction and demolition companies.

Time Lapse Video captures key milestones of projects, bring them to life in a short form video, allowing all stakeholders to celebrate the successes of their project and reflect on a job well done.

In addition, Time Lapse Videos can deliver huge value to marketing, PR and communication teams within these industries.


A video is powerful content for digital marketers, driving engagement across websites, social media and online platforms. A Time Lapse Video of your construction project can deliver:

  • PR Value – Share and celebrate successes in an engaging and visual format
  • Community Engagement – Demonstrate the value and impact of regeneration works
  • Business Development - Highlight the capabilities and efficiency of your construction or demolition teams
  • Promotion – Drive traffic to your website and digital platforms with high-value video content
  • Internal Engagement – Engage with your team and share their hard work
  • Stakeholder engagement - Keep key clients or stakeholder up-to-date as a project develops

With more than 15 years’ experience working within the construction industry, we will take the time to discuss your requirements & objectives with the aim of delivering your perfect Time Lapse Video. We can take care of all video editing and deliver your video digitally or physical media.

Videos we have produced for our clients have featured on numerous media outlets, locally, nationally and internationally, driving interest in their projects and assisting with ongoing business development.

We can also embed the live stream of your Time Lapse Video onto your website to drive traffic and engagement.

Live Stream

For more information on WCCTV’s Time Lapse Video services please click the link below to see more recent projects, and how WCCTV can help deliver your project from start to finish.

Learn more about WCCTV’s Time Lapse Video Service

Time Lapse Video can provide multiple benefits for PR and Marketing Teams

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