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Where to Install Security Cameras on a Construction Job Site

Construction sites are constantly evolving environments, with layouts changing almost daily.

From a security perspective, any new developments on your site can introduce new areas of vulnerability and security risks.

This makes understanding the best place to install surveillance cameras incredibly difficult.

Where should cameras be placed to ensure optimum results at all times if things are always changing?

Despite this confusion, there are certain areas that should never be without surveillance.

Below, WCCTV’s security experts have narrowed down the top three areas you should consider when setting up your security system on your job site.


Storage Facilities and Laydown Areas

The areas where you store valuable tools and materials at the end of each day are a natural attraction for thieves.

Installing a highly visible surveillance camera presence in these areas will help deter opportunist theft. Crime is much less likely to occur when people know someone is watching.

A surveillance unit that is capable of voice-down alerts will also allow you to issue a live audio challenge to intruders, increasing the effectiveness of your deterrent.

Dark and Secluded Areas

Many construction job sites span large areas, which makes it impossible to have eyes on every part of the site if you’re relying solely on security guards.

Surveillance cameras allow you to view multiple sections of your site at once.

Additionally, utilizing a mobile surveillance unit or mounting a camera high up, can give you views that would be otherwise impossible for an on-the-ground security team.

For areas that have little or no light at all, having an infrared camera will give you a clear view of what is happening there without impacting image quality.

Unloading Stations

Having cargo dropped off at a specific location constantly and a predictable schedule can result in unloading stations becoming a high target for criminals.

The FBI estimates the cost of cargo theft in the USA each year is between $15 billion and $30 billion and that 20% of the stolen cargo is never recovered, leading to project deals and unexpected costs.

By installing surveillance cameras in unloading stations, you are reducing the risk of incidents occurring, and if they do occur, you’ll be able to act immediately.

Lastly, having security cameras means you’ll have access to evidential footage of any incidents, and this footage can assist with recovering any losses.


Having a foolproof security plan for your construction site can take some time, but the time you spend now securing your site can save you from costly incidents in the future.

To learn more ways to help keep your job sites secured, download our free eBook, A Comprehensive Guide to construction Site Security, below.

A Comprehensive Guide to Construction Site Security

WCCTV - Managed Surveillance Cameras for Construction Job Sites

WCCTV is the USA's leading expert in managed surveillance cameras for construction job site security.

We firmly believe that video surveillance cameras are the most effective way of boosting security at your job sites, especially when paired with our remote video monitoring services.

You can utilize our rapid-deployment cameras for multiple applications, including security, time lapse video capture, and remote project management.

Our cameras can function whether you have power or are dependent on solar energy. Our units contain 4G LTE transmission technology allowing them to operate entirely autonomously.

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