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What Delivers the Best ROI For Job Site Security

Construction Industry Institute (CII) study found that around 64% of construction companies experience theft of tools and equipment on their sites.

Stolen equipment and materials can cause project delays, cost the company more loss in revenue due to the replacement of plant or tools, and impact client satisfaction.

To help combat theft, construction companies are furthering job site security methods: security guards, fencing, and security cameras, which are all viable options.

But which method suits your job site security requirements?

At WCCTV, we have over two decades of experience protecting and securing job sites from theft and intrusions.

Below, we investigate which system offers the most effective methods while giving you the highest return on investment.

What Delivers the Best ROI For Jobsite Security MH

On-site Security Guards

On-site security guards can patrol your job site in real-time and respond to incidents immediately.

However, they can only report any intruders and discrepancies in the immediate vicinity that they are in – leaving other areas vulnerable and unprotected at any one given time.

They can only protect one area at once and come at a hefty price tag, between $30 - $60 per hour, depending on their experience and whether they are armed.

In addition to the high costs, using security guards comes with more drawbacks when protecting a job site:

  • Security guards need to be at the right place at the right time to detect intruders

  • They need to be constantly alert

  • Guards may fall asleep on the job, suffering lapses in concentration or otherwise failing in their responsibilities

  • Guards can be harmed, and criminals may not be dissuaded by their presence.

Recently we published an article on the cost-effectiveness of video surveillance vs. security guards, in which security technology provided by WCCTV can work alone or in tandem with security guards, helping to reduce total security spending without compromising quality, results, or reliability.

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Hoarding and Fencing

Placing an 8ft physical barrier around your job site perimeter is a way of deterring thieves from your job site, but again, this can get very expensive, particularly for larger sites.

The price for basic temporary fencing can run between $3 and $5 per linear foot. You'll also incur additional fees for enhancements such as a barbed wire or a privacy screen if you want extra protection.

Having some hoarding may deter some criminals from entering your job site. Still, others may see this as a welcomed opportunity to find an easy access point or hop over the fencing.

Once inside, the fencing is insignificant in deterring theft or vandalism on the job site. The intruder is free to roam without any significant deterrent or way of being detected.

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Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Mobile surveillance cameras are the most proactive, cost-effective, and reliable job site security solution.

WCCTV’s mobile surveillance cameras take a proactive approach to surveillance. Our cameras contain advanced video analytics for enhanced area protection, for example, where you store your lumber or building materials.

When an intruder is spotted in this area or breaching the perimeter, this alerts our video monitoring station, who will initiate a real-time crime prevention response, including audio warning and law enforcement dispatch.

WCCTV's security cameras can be deployed to your sites regardless of your current power situation. Our solutions are customizable and can adapt to any situation, whether you have mounting poles with electricity or need a more mobile solar solution. Our units operate utilizing 4G LTE transmission, making them completely autonomous.

The verdict: Mobile Video Surveillance Cameras Win for ROI

Security guards and fences seem practical, but the value exchange for the investment in any of these solutions could be more desirable.

Mobile video surveillance cameras provide tremendous additional cost-savings in the following areas, offsetting the initial investment:

  • Compliance: Your employees and subcontractors are more likely to follow regulations and policies, plus you have video evidence if there is an audit

  • Injury Prevention: enforce safety regulations, monitor job site activity remotely 24/7, and address potential hazards before an accident occurs.

  • Deter: Installing a WCCTV Surveillance Trailer is proven to deter 97% of criminals from the site before anything has been taken or damaged.

WCCTV recently took an in-depth look at ROI analysis and discussed different ways job site security saves you money; we discussed the cost of implementing a WCCTV surveillance camera and that the average ROI a customer would receive from using our cameras is 400% PER project.

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Mobile Video Surveillance Trailer Maxmizes ROI on Job Site

WCCTV - Managed Security Cameras for Construction Job Sites

WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of mobile surveillance cameras for construction job sites.

We provide market-leading security cameras backed by a fully managed service that includes equipment installation, video monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing technical support.

Our rapid-deployment cameras provide construction sites multi-application benefits, including security, time lapse video filming, and remote project management.

No matter the site, we have a solution that we can create for you.

Ready to find out how WCCTV's Mobile Surveillance Cameras can assist with construction site security? Get in touch today at 877 805-9475 or email

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