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WCCTV to Host Campus Safety and Security Webinar

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WCCTV is hosting a webinar specifically for ISD police departments to highlight surveillance units' vital role in enhancing student safety.

WCCTV, the USA's most established supplier of rapid deployment mobile surveillance units, will host a webinar for ISD police departments to highlight the vital role surveillance units can play in enhancing student safety.

Mobile surveillance units remove the opportunity for criminal activity by acting as a visual deterrent and gathering high-quality visual evidence.

They are one of the most important solutions for reducing crime, securing arrests, and improving campus safety and security. 

Our webinar will focus on how mobile surveillance units empower departments by acting as a force multiplier and help to eradicate a range of crimes that can happen on the school estate, including:

  • Violence and assaults

  • Non authorized access to campus

  • Drug and gang activity

  • Vandalism

  • Vehicle theft

Utilizing WCCTV's rapid deployment Pole Cameras and Solar Surveillance trailers to provide safety on campus in open spaces such as recreational spaces, parking lots, and event areas.

Below are the key ways surveillance cameras benefit campus security in recreational spaces:

  • Increase student and employee safety

  • Quickly respond to incidents on campus

  • Catch criminals

  • Provide video evidence

In addition, the webinar will explore grant funding opportunities and allow viewers to view live demonstrations of our surveillance equipment. There will be an open Q and A session if time allows.

The event will start at 10 am Central Time on June 7th

*Please note: Registration for this event has now closed

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