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How to Customize Job Site Security Cameras

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Mobile surveillance cameras go beyond recording; they actively prevent crime. Let's discover how a customized solution can address the distinct security requirements of job sites.

Customizing Security Cameras and Mobile Surveillance Trailers for Construction Sites

Job site surveillance cameras have a vital role to play in enhancing security and safety across your projects and ensuring that your progress stays on the right track.

When deploying cameras to your sites, you want to feel confident that you’re utilizing the best quality technology and a system that will actually prevent crime -not just record it.

We have specifically designed and tailored our products and services to address the unique security needs of construction sites.

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Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras

Rapid deployment pole cameras are ideal for job sites where space is limited, but there are facilities for both power and camera mounting infrastructure.

These units combine video transmission via cellular networks, a voice address system with blue lights, and an integrated hard drive capable of storing up to 4TB of evidential video recordings.

Equipped with cutting-edge video analytics, they automatically detect intrusions at your property.

When a verified intrusion occurs, the system's speaker can issue an audio challenge, effectively deterring potential threats.

Specifically designed to meet the requirements of developing job sites, they are easily relocatable, so can be moved around your sites as security requirements change.

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Mobile Surveillance Trailers 

We recommend utilizing a Solar Surveillance Trailer for construction job sites where power and internet hookups are unavailable.

This portable solution is ideal for construction site security as it is easy to relocate, helping with the challenges of a construction project as it evolves and progresses through it's different phases.

You receive all the features of the pole camera but you have autonomous power as well as many other benefits from a Mobile Surveillance Trailer.

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Remote Video Monitoring for Construction Sites

Surveillance cameras are a powerful visual deterrent and are crucial in investigating criminal activities.

However, when combined with professional video monitoring services, these cameras transform into virtual security guards, constantly vigilant and dedicated to safeguarding your sites.

An Alarm Receiving Center (ARC) receives alarms from surveillance cameras on your site quickly. They then respond accordingly. This can include dispatching mobile guards or contacting law enforcement to ensure optimal protection for your premises.

The video below demonstrates the effectiveness of this and showcases the benefits of remotely monitored video surveillance cameras

Inquire about a Remote Video Monitoring Service for your Construction Site

Proactive Mobile Video Surveillance for Construction Job Sites

The most effective construction job site mobile surveillance cameras combine the best technology and services to create a turnkey security platform.

Our cameras go beyond security by providing construction sites with multi-application benefits, including security, time lapse video filming, and remote project management.

Our customizable solutions can accommodate any site and efficiently function whether you have power or are dependent on solar energy. Our units contain wireless LTE transmission technology – allowing these solutions to operate autonomously.

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