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Construction Site Thefts Continue to Rise in North Texas

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As the price of construction materials continues to rise due to supply chain shortages, Job sites in North Texas are experiencing a significant upturn in theft.

As the price of key construction materials continues to rise due to supply chain shortages, thefts from construction sites in North Texas are on the rise, per The Parker County Sheriff’s Office.

Several materials, including lumber, steel, and lighting supplies, are in short supply due to increased demand, COVID-19, and the severe weather conditions that impacted Texas through February and March.

The knock-on effect has seen prices for these materials skyrocket, with lumber prices up by 200%-300% year on year.

According to The Parker County Sheriff's Office, the increased value of these materials has made them an even greater target for opportunist thieves. The Sheriff's Office recently arrested two men attempting to steal plywood from a construction job site.  

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They responded to a suspicious vehicle call on June 4 at around 2:30 a.m. in the 100 block of Amber Sky Drive in Aledo, where Deputies found a pickup truck backed up to a stack of plywood with 29 sheets already loaded onto the vehicle, although no one was seen in the area.

The sheriff’s office said it sees an increase in thefts related to construction supplies due to the rising cost of those materials, stating: “[We urge] everyone to safeguard their property to the best of their ability, and as always, if anyone sees anything suspicious, to immediately contact the appropriate law enforcement agency.”

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