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Why is Remote Security Increasing In Popularity?

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We outline the reasons why remote security services are increasing in popularity for construction sites, parking lots, and other remote or temporary locations.

What is Remote Security Monitoring, and Why is it so Popular?

Remote security services involve a proactive system that combines surveillance cameras, video analytics, alarms, monitoring centers, and a proactive crime prevention response.

Not all security situations require a security guard at a specific location, and there has been an increase in the popularity of surveillance solutions that involve completely remote monitoring.

These surveillance systems are more effective and provide considerable cost savings versus a full-time security guard.

Below, we share some essential topics on why remote monitoring services are increasingly popular for construction site security, parking lots, and other remote or temporary locations.


One reason remote security services are gaining popularity in the construction job site industry is the cost-effectiveness of having a remote surveillance system and a virtual security guard rather than paying the expenses of a physical security guard.

Utilizing security cameras for construction sites will provide benefits in the following areas:

  • Full site monitoring

  • Prevention and deterrent of theft and vandalism

  • 24/7/265 security

  • Intrusion detection and deterrent

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24/7/365 Surveillance

The benefit of an around-the-clock service with remote surveillance security is that the site is protected, even at night, when the risk of criminal activity and theft is at its highest.

Our leading-edge surveillance technology features edge video analytics software that evaluates real-time video feeds to look for objects that alert the monitoring station to the presence of the intrusion. The monitoring station will take action immediately before any theft or vandalism occurs.

Extension of Coverage

A great benefit of remote security services is the range of coverage. A Solar Surveillance Trailer can monitor a much greater area of your site than a security guard can - even in zero-lighting conditions.

Removing the requirement to hire a security guard (or multiple guards, depending on the size of your property) offers an immediate cost-saving opportunity. 

Removing a physical guarding presence does not, however, lessen the protection of your site. Our Surveillance Trailers are backed by remote monitoring services, meaning a remote crime prevention process is initiated if an activity is detected at your property. 

This process includes triggering a banshee sire, issuing an audio challenge, and contacting local police departments to respond if required. 

Why Use Remote Security on Construction Sites?

Our remote security services provide a comprehensive solution to your company with the security it needs. One significant benefit is bringing peace of mind to your construction job site.

Remote security services should include an extensive range of equipment that can be customized to individual applications. The critical components of the security system are:

  • Onboard recording: minimum of 4TB HDD video recording capacity

  • Surveillance cameras: pole cameras, fixed cameras

  • Motion activation: live audio, flashing integrated blue lights with built-in video analytics

  • Autonomous power: solar power options with battery backup

  • Trailer: towable 20ft trailer which can mount up to 4 pole cameras

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Managed Surveillance Solutions for Construction Sites

Our experience, world-class customer support, and leading-edge surveillance technology make us the ideal partner for anyone looking to install temporary surveillance cameras.

We manufacture our equipment and do not rehire, resell or rebadge third-party equipment, allowing us to provide direct support and competitive pricing.

Our service is the most comprehensive available in the marketplace and ensures your sites remain safe.

Ready to learn more about how remote surveillance can assist with your site? Contact our team today at 877 805 9475 or request a call back



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