Improving Job Site Health and Safety with Surveillance Cameras

With 150,000 accidents or injuries occurring on sites across the USA in 2019, worker safety is a major challenge for the construction industry.

Risks can be minimized by following best practice safety standards, including: 

  • Conducting regular onsite risk assessments

  • Holding regular safety briefings and meetings

  • Providing regular safety and skills training

  • Promoting awareness through effective communication

  • Utilizing appropriate equipment for all activities 

Security Cameras: A New Approach?

As an additional safety measure, companies are increasingly utilizing onsite security cameras traditionally used for security purposes to remotely protect their workforce. 

When deployed for security, surveillance cameras provide many benefits such as cost-effectiveness when compared to security guards, their impact as a visual deterrent and the quality and reliability that HD video systems provide.

However, being able to remotely access live and recorded high definition footage also provides companies a unique overview of on-site activity, helping them identify potential hazards in real-time, review working practices, monitor site access and ensure all regulations are adhered to. 

Below WCCTV LLC, the nation’s leading provider of job site security services, breaks down the benefits of using security cameras for health and safety applications.

Safety Feature 1

Identification of Hazards

Remotely monitoring high definition video allows foreman and health and safety personnel to identify any problems in real-time and take immediate action to reduce risk of harm.

As these personnel may have responsibility for two or more sites, being able to remotely review working practices and hazards significantly reduces the amount of physical site visits needed, saving time and money.  

The below clip taken from a WCCTV Solar Trailer shows the level of detail and range of view that can be achieved using a high quality video solution. 

Evidence Gathering 

Video cameras can gather valuable evidence that allows companies to retrospectively review any accidents or near-misses that occur on site and discover the root cause.

The footage gathered by a HD video system can be used as a ‘lessons learned’ tool for future on-site training and briefing sessions to help minimize any future occurrences.

The impartial video evidence can be used to resolve any litigation or provide evidence of regulation breaches, misconduct, and vulnerabilities.


Better Security, Better Safety

The presence of onsite surveillance cameras will help capture or prevent unauthorized access onto your construction sites - which has a beneficial impact on health and safety. 

A WCCTV Solar Trailer provides a visual deterrent to would-be trespassers. Should an intrusion occur, our monitoring partners will issue a remote audio challenge. If the audio challenge fails to deter the trespassers, mobile guard patrols or the law enforcement will be dispatched to protect your site.  

Protectively securing your site with surveillance cameras will prevent vandalism, damage to your electronic equipment, and reduce the creation of onsite hazards by malicious intruders. 

If you have any construction job sites that require security, remote project management or time lapse video filming and production, WCCTV provide a fully managed service that will help protect your sites and your workers. Contact us on 877 805-9475 or email

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