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How to Prevent Car Dealership Vandalism

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With millions of dollars of assets sat in their parking lots, car dealerships require a robust security solution to prevent vandalism. Read our advice on how to protect these sites here.

How to Prevent Crime at Your Car Dealership

For most companies, leaving millions of dollars of company assets sitting in the parking lot would seem crazy, but for car dealerships, that's just the nature of their business. 

Protecting these assets from theft and vandalism is critical. A San Antonio dealership was recently hit by vandals who scratched ten cars, causing thousands of dollars worth of damage. 

According to Heavy, a Mercedes Benz dealership in Oakland, CA, was also a recent vandalism target. Likewise, a Planet Ford dealership in Austin, TX, was hit by targeted vandalism.

These cases are just three among the hundreds that occur annually across the US. 

WCCTV is proud to supply the LotGuard mobile surveillance system, a fully autonomous security solution that protects dealerships from all types of crimes, and there is no doubt mobile video surveillance solutions are the best way to secure any vehicle storage facility.

However, there are other steps that dealerships can take to prevent vandalism at their properties. Below, WCCTV outlines some of the proven ways of reducing crime at car dealerships.  

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Check for Vulnerabilities

Firstly, assess the layout of your dealership and identify where your security vulnerabilities are.

Ask yourself some key questions when doing this:

  • Where would a potential vandal be able to gain access to the site?

  • Would they be able to operate under cover of darkness? 

  • Do you have security cameras covering the most vulnerable access points or highest-value goods?  

Harden Physical Security

Once you understand how vulnerable your dealership is, you can implement security measures that will harden the target and deter vandals.

These steps should include:

  • Securing the perimeter with fencing, and ensuring you have locked gates at any entrance points

  • Ensuring you have adequate security camera coverage with no blind spots

  • Installing or improving your lighting fixtures

  • Ensuring any loading bays or storage areas are kept locked and secure

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Install Visible Security Signage

Even a simple measure such as installing 'Keep Out' or 'Private Property' signage can provide a huge security boost for your dealerships. 

This signage is even more impactful if you mention you have installed security cameras, that they are recording 24/7, and that you plan to prosecute any trespassers caught on camera. 

Signage is cheap, visually effective, and will deter most vandals.

Instill a Culture of Security Across Employees

Security begins with your employees. Ensuring they are fully trained to follow your security protocols, that they understand how to spot security risks, and that you can trust them with your assets is critical. 

If you don't already have a security protocol in place, a security specialist like WCCTV can work with you to implement best practices to work alongside our security camera systems.

We have over 20 years of experience providing mobile video surveillance for organizations of all sizes, and we are always on hand to benefit from our experience.

Basic key measures we would recommend include:

  • Marking or die-stamping any tools or valuable equipment on-site

  • Ensuring you run regular inventory checks, and keep a log of all goods in and out

  • Locking all vehicles overnight

  • Installing anti-theft devices in all vehicles

  • Use locking gas and oil caps

  • Only keeping a minimal amount of gas in any vehicles

  • Locking away keys for any vehicles on-site

Once you have a security procedure in place, make sure it is effectively communicated across your team, and that it is adjusted to cover staff vacation time and public holidays.

Finally, ensure you are running background checks on your team so you know who you have onsite and that you can trust them with your valuable assets.

Install Mobile Surveillance Cameras

There are several reasons why so many dealerships prefer WCCTV's LotGuard parking lot security cameras.

They can be deployed to your dealerships regardless of your current power situation - they are customizable. They can adapt to any situation, whether you have mounting poles with electricity or need a more mobile solar solution.  

All of our units operate utilizing 4G LTE transmission, making them entirely autonomous.

The built-in video analytics, automatically detects unwanted intruders, which triggers the customizable escalation process by our monitoring partners.

WCCTV's LotGuard can be provided with the following enhancements:

Additionally, the evidence captured by surveillance cameras can assist with any vehicular accidents/hit-and-runs on your premises - helping reduce liability claims and improving your business's reputation.

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WCCTV Parking Lot Security Services

WCCTV is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of mobile video surveillance solutions that assist with securing parking lots and properties against crimes such as vandalism and theft, keeping your employees and guests safe. 

WCCTV’s pole cameras and solar trailers are designed for rapid deployment, making them a quick and visible deterrent to keep your property and vehicles safe and secure.

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