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How Mobile Surveillance Secures Residential Construction Sites

Residential construction projects face security issues on-site with trespassers, thieves, and even financial losses.

The right mobile video surveillance system can prevent significant issues impacting residential construction sites.

Replacing lost equipment, vehicles, and appliances causes project delays. Such delays could lead to your construction company gaining a bad reputation and having a financial loss for residential construction sites, not including the loss of appliances.

Below our security experts pinpoint the risks of a residential construction site and how to mitigate these.

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Residential Construction Threats

Building Materials

Building materials like steel and copper are frequently targeted by thieves, leading to further project delays and being costly to the company.

Secondly, lumber heists from construction sites have caused a black market to be established as legitimate prices soar, contributing to the $300 million to $1 billion in construction losses per year.

Loss of sales

Insufficient security can lead to vandals breaking into the site and making it look rundown before it even opens.

Therefore, this leads to potential homebuyers steering away from the residential project as it sends a costly message to the public that the construction company cannot secure the site currently and mitigate crime

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Advantages Of Mobile Video Surveillance for Residential Projects

At WCCTV, we firmly believe that mobile surveillance cameras are the most effective solution for securing residential construction sites. However, we recognize that while cameras are incredibly effective, there are basic measures residential construction sites can take to tighten security.

We recently published our Comprehensive Guide to Construction Site Security, which looks at best practices for securing a job site. Classic security steps that can and should be employed on a residential construction site:

  • Installing fencing
  • Locking away valuable tools or materials
  • Installing temporary lighting
  • Track all materials

To learn more ways to help secure your job sites, download our free eBook, A Comprehensive Guide to construction Site Security, below.

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Installing mobile video surveillance systems can mitigate crime and solve the issues of securing a residential construction site in 6 ways:

  • Rapid Deployable: It can be installed and fully operational within 6 minutes with no onsite assembly providing maximum security with no matter your location.
  • Fully Autonomous: No need for cables, connectivity, or power onsite to ensure results in even the most logistically awkward locations
  • Flexibility: It can be moved around the site as your project develops
  • Theft Prevention: Acts as a visual deterrent for potential criminals 
  • Cost-Effective: Removes the upfront costs of installing cameras
  • Complete Security Solution: Backed by alarm-monitoring services to interact with would-be criminals through warning lights and live audible alerts

WCCTV - Managed Surveillance Cameras for Construction Job Sites

WCCTV is the USA's leading expert in managed surveillance cameras for construction job site security.

We firmly believe that video surveillance cameras are the most effective way of boosting security at your job sites, especially when paired with our remote video monitoring services.

You can utilize our rapid-deployment cameras for multiple applications, including security, time lapse video capture, and remote project management.

Our cameras can function whether you have power or are dependent on solar energy. Our units contain 4G LTE transmission technology allowing them to operate entirely autonomously.

Ready to find out how WCCTV's Mobile Surveillance Cameras can assist with site security? Fill out a quick contact form or speak to our team at 877 805-9475 or email

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