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WCCTV Construction Site Security Cameras Prevent 41 Thefts in December

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Throughout December and over the holiday period, WCCTV's Job Site Security Cameras captured or prevented 41 attempted break-in or burglaries at our clients' sites.

During the month of December, WCCTV's construction job site security cameras helped with the prevention or investigation of 41 attempted break-ins at our clients' sites.

With construction sites facing various security challenges over the Holiday, the WCCTV team and our alarm monitoring partners worked 24/7 to ensure every site we secured remained protected.

To deliver our complete site security solution, WCCTV's rapid deployment Pole Cameras and Solar Surveillance Trailers are backed by video and alarm monitoring from our partner Interactive Surveillance Operations Center (ISOC), allowing us to deliver a proactive construction site security solution that is a comprehensive, cost-effective, and a more reliable alternative to security guards.

Below, you will see our Catch of the Month for December. This perfectly demonstrates the effectiveness of WCCTV's managed security cameras working in tandem with our monitoring partner. An unauthorized vehicle enters our clients' job site and is instantly detected by WCCTV's Solar Surveillance Trailer.

As the individual is observed exiting the vehicle and attempting to force access to a locked job trailer, a blue light and siren warning is issued, alerting the individual they are being monitored and that Law Enforcement is being dispatched.

The individual immediately returns to the vehicle, which passes directly under the WCCTV camera, allowing our remote monitoring team to capture license plate details which were then provided to Law Enforcement to investigate.

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WCCTV's Construction Site Security Solutions 

WCCTV - Managed Security Cameras for Construction Job Sites

WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of mobile surveillance cameras for construction job sites.

We provide market-leading security cameras backed by a fully managed service that includes equipment installation, video monitoring, maintenance, and ongoing technical support.

Our rapid-deployment cameras provide construction sites with multi-application benefits, including security, time lapse video filming, and remote project management.

Our customizable solutions can accommodate any site, and easily function whether you have power or are dependent on solar energy. Our units contain 4G LTE transmission technology – allowing these solutions to operate autonomously.

No matter the site, we have a solution that we can create for you.

Ready to find out how WCCTV's Mobile Surveillance Cameras can assist with site security? Get in touch today on 877 805-9475 or email

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