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The Key Components of Construction Site Security Systems

Construction job site security depends on much more than just detecting criminals; it requires a solution that can proactively deter them and defend your sites.

With WCCTV's construction security services, you will benefit from our '3 Ds' approach to security, and ensure that your site is in the hands of professionals who are ready to detect, deter, and take action to defend your property from criminals. 

Our comprehensive job site security solutions include:

Below, we highlight the key components of our security service and explain how they work in tandem to secure your sites.

Key Components of Construction Site Security Services

Mobile Surveillance Cameras

Mobile surveillance cameras are an essential component of effective construction job site security. 

Just the presence of a security camera is often enough to deter a criminal from even attempting to burglarize a site, especially if it's one of WCCTV's 20ft high mobile surveillance trailers.

Unlike standard security cameras, WCCTV's mobile surveillance units do much more than just record activity at your sites - they can detect any out-of-hours activity such as unauthorized intrusions/trespassing. 

That's because all WCCTV's surveillance cameras contain built-in intelligent video analytics, which automatically detects when someone enters your sites or accesses an area that is restricted.

This removes the need to continually monitor the cameras to check your sites are secure; the camera does all the heavy lifting.

Surveillance cameras also deliver multiple benefits beyond security-based applications, which we have recently detailed when outlining WCCTV's Construction Use Cases.

The additional benefits include:

  • Enhanced site safety

  • Remote project management 

  • Time lapse video production

  • Security guard replacement 

Managed Surveillance Cameras for Construction Sites

Remote Video Monitoring Services

Deploying a standalone surveillance camera will certainly enhance security at your job sites. However, simply recording incidents at your site and reviewing after a crime has occurred is unlikely to be particularly beneficial.

When remote video monitoring services back WCCTV's mobile surveillance cameras, they become a virtual security guard ready to defend your site. 

With remote monitoring, a team of qualified security professionals made up of ex-military and law enforcement personnel will oversee all activations on-site and verify if they are a genuine threat. 

WCCTV's monitoring partners are the first line of defense and will effectively challenge intruders by utilizing our surveillance unit's built-in audio capability, sirens, and blue light alarm systems.

In most cases where a remote challenge is issued, the intruder will promptly leave the site. If the intruders fail to go, the monitoring team will escalate to a dedicated security patrol and/or local PDs, depending on what has occurred.

WCCTV ISOC - The Benefits of Remote Video Monitoring


If our surveillance cameras detect a security breach and a remote challenge from our monitoring partners has been unsuccessful, they will immediately escalate to a response process.

Depending on your provisions, this will either be a direct dispatch of law enforcement or a mobile security patrol. 

Law enforcement responding to the site will treat the request as a priority incident as they know the threat has been verified in real-time by security professionals.

The video below shows the WCCTV detect, deter, defend processes working in real-life examples from sites we protect. See for yourself just how effective our three-tier method is:

Mobile Surveillance Cameras for Job Site Security

WCCTV - Managed Surveillance Cameras for Construction Sites

WCCTV is the USA's leading provider of managed surveillance cameras for construction job sites. We help detect, deter, and defend your sites from criminal activity.

Our market-leading camera technology is backed by a managed service that includes equipment installation, remote monitoring services, maintenance, and ongoing US-based technical support.

Our mobile cameras provide construction sites with a total solution for security, time lapse video filming, and remote project management.

They can be deployed to any site, regardless of power and/or Wi-Fi availability. Our units have built-in 4G LTE transmission technology and can be fully solar-powered, making them entirely autonomous.

Ready to find out how WCCTV's Mobile Surveillance Cameras can assist with construction job site security? Get in touch today on 877 805-9475 or email

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