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Why Choose WCCTV Solar Trailers for Security at your Construction Jobsite

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Explore WCCTV Solar Trailers for construction jobsite security. Mobile surveillance powered by solar energy. Enhance safety and efficiency with our technology.

As a construction manager or business owner, we get that your job is already difficult enough without adding security to the to-do list.

So, to make the process of finding the best surveillance units a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of reasons why WCCTV's Solar Surveillance Trailers stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Below, we explore the differences between our Trailers and some of the more typical competition systems.

Solar Surveillance Trailers for Construction Jobsite Security

Construction jobsites are a high target for thieves and criminals looking to steal valuable equipment and materials. Solar Surveillance Trailers can be deployed at practically any construction jobsite to provide immediate proactive security.

Standing at 20ft high, they’re a powerful visual deterrent, warning thieves and trespassers that your sites are protected by high-tech surveillance units.

There's no need for power or internet connectivity at your sites as our trailers operate autonomously via solar energy and the latest LTE video transmission technology.

Surveillance Trailer for Construction Site

Choosing the Best Surveillance Security Company for Construction Jobsites

With a wide variety of surveillance companies to choose from, how do you separate the best from the rest? To help, we’ve compiled a list of why WCCTV is the clear market leader when it comes to securing your Construction Jobsite with Surveillance Trailers.

1. 20+ Years of Experience

Unlike most security companies, WCCTV is a specialist in providing autonomous surveillance systems specifically tailored to the unique demands of construction site security. With over 20 years of experience, we know a thing or two about protecting sites.

We have always focused on ensuring the equipment we deploy is fully operational via innovative proprietary technology and on adequate power autonomy, ensuring that prolonged periods of bad weather do not leave your assets vulnerable.

Another area where we stand out – other companies care more about driving new connections at high margins into their alarm-receiving centers with little care or attention to the hardware deployed on site.

2. NDAA Compliant Surveillance Cameras
All the pole cameras we use on our Solar Surveillance Trailers are NDAA compliant, meaning we have passed rigorous testing and compliance standards to be approved as part of the National Defence Authorization Act.

Why does this matter for construction jobsites? Well, it gives you confidence that WCCTV takes your security extremely seriously, and we aren’t utilizing cameras with banned components from companies owned directly by the Chinese government.

If your organization works on federal, state, local, or municipal sites, including healthcare and education, you should avoid such equipment.

3. Trailer Made in America
With every component being produced, sourced, and manufactured in America, you can truly believe our product is made in America.

High-quality materials make our Solar Surveillance Trailers durable in any weather condition, ensuring durability for the length of your project.

4. 500ft Infrared Detection Range
We take security at your site extremely seriously, which is why we don't just use basic detection devices that have limited coverage (typically up to 50ft); our technology has a 500ft detection range in complete darkness, so any potential intruders on your site are quickly spotted and deterred.

This 500ft detection range paired with a live audio voice-down speaker means someone can view the intruder alert, track their movements, and physically engage with them to warn them to disperse as Law Enforcement is on the way.

5. 10 days of autonomous security
We get a lot of sun in Texas, but we also get a lot of rain, and with rain comes clouds, meaning that we often get multiple days with limited solar power generation.

The WCCTV system is designed with a minimum of 10 days of battery autonomy, so you’ll never need to worry that your site or project will be unsecured.

We also provide a unique diagnostic system that reports solar yield, battery power, weather, and GPS location info to our service team.

6. Huge Solar Storage Capacity
Each of our Solar Trailers is equipped with an 800w solar panel, ensuring your jobsite is protected even during periods of low sunlight.

Think of it as a rapid charge system for your Smartphone compared to buying a fake charger from a gas station!

7. Large recording capabilities
All solar surveillance trailers are fitted with some form of recording capacity, usually an SD card, which can quickly become corrupted and data lost forever. However, our trailers are equipped with an 8TB SSD.

SSD stands for Solid State Drive, and its primary function is to store data. SSDs are faster than traditional hard drives. Faster speeds mean SSDs can handle data at ultra-high speeds.

Also, SSDs are very stable, which ensures that stored data is secure.

8. 24/7 automated diagnostics and fault resolution
WCCTV provides its bespoke software for every solar trailer so you can view your project anytime, any place.

We also have diagnostics and fault resolution built in ensuring that in the unlikely event of an error with the trailer or camera, we can resolve the issue before you even know about it, again, ensuring complete protection and minimal down time.

It is our mission to ensure that we are solely responsible for service and maintenance at every level. You will NEVER be required to diagnose or generate maintenance tickets.

9. 24hr SLA field tech response
We operate an unrivaled 24-hour SLA field tech response time, ensuring if something is damaged or broken, we’ll come and fix it within the agreed time. We’re not a “we’ll get there when we can” company.

10. No hidden costs
The price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay, no additional costs for video streaming, training, access to software, or any other charges hidden away in the fine print.

We built our reputation on honesty and integrity and we live by this every single day.


WCCTV is the USA's leading supplier of mobile video surveillance cameras and solar surveillance trailers, backed by a fully managed service. Our portable, cellular-based units are specifically designed for temporary security or targeted surveillance at Construction Jobsites.

Every trailer can be backed by a managed service that includes installation, video monitoring, LTE connectivity packages, alarm monitoring, ongoing US-based technical support, and training for the lifetime of the trailer.

So, if you’re looking for a professional company that’s been in the business for over twenty years, there is really only one choice.

Get in touch with the security experts at WCCTV today

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