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WCCTV Smart Switch

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Pole Cameras

WCCTV’s Smart Switch allows a user to remotely control the power to a WCCTV Pole Camera using cellular technology - allowing for a remote reboot to occur.

The Smart Switch is a wireless system that can be powered directly from your pole camera, requiring no additional power source or cabling.

Why use a WCCTV Smart Switch?

Intermittent or unreliable power supply to streetlights and other installations can cause power surges which may affect the 4G LTE signal of your WCCTV system. This can also occur following major power outages.

It is estimated that up to 90% of these downtime events can be solved with a hard power reboot, as power-cycling the equipment forces it to reset and restart from a known good state.

Being able to reboot equipment remotely allows the user to significantly reduce the need for expensive and time-consuming site visits.

Remote reboots can also reduce the downtime of a system, enabling you to increase operational effectiveness.

In most cases, the cost of a WCCTV Smart Switch is cheaper than a single visit to site to power off a camera, which makes it very easy to secure a quick return on investment.

There is no complicated installation process for the Smart Switch, and it is straightforward to use - send the unit a text message, and it begins the power cycle.

WCCTV Smart Switch Installation

Features and Benefits

  • Remotely control power to cameras from any location

  • Reboot a device in seconds

  • Plug and play

  • Easy to use

  • Rapid deployment and redeployability

  • Huge ROI capacity

  • Secure connection

  • Control a single system or multiple with fleet management software

  • Reduce downtime

  • Fault diagnosis

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