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The WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer is an autonomously powered rapid deployment video surveillance system that can be installed at practically any location, providing security for remote sites and assets on a temporary or permanent basis.

The trailer features a telescoping 20ft tower which rotates nearly 360 degrees, and is equipped with highly reliable 260W, 390W or 520W autonomous solar power which is suitable for most locations. Its low-voltage-disconnect protects electronics & batteries, while the solar array tilts from horizontal to nearly 90° vertical.

Overall, the system weighs less than 1400 lbs, making it towable by most vehicles, and its removable drawbar makes it easy to ship and provides added theft protection. Its 12VDC AGM batteries (up to 800 Ah total capacity) are housed in secure, tamper-resistant battery box.

The trailer is fitted with up to 4 WCCTV 4G Mini Dome Pole Cameras, that have been specifically designed to deliver live and recorded video securely and efficiently via 4G LTE Networks.

The WCCTV 4G HD Dome is an all in one rapid deployment pole camera, comprising a market leading ONVIF 2.0 PTZ low light camera, local recording capability (up to 4TB) and wireless transmission - all housed in a lightweight and portable unit.

Its best in breed embedded wireless technology results in an extremely low power draw making it ideal for off-grid video surveillance applications. Its low bandwidth streaming allows users to benefit from live video in high definition over cellular networks with zero latency and PTZ responsiveness. 

The system also contains inbuilt video analytics functionality, capable of triggering live video or email notifications.

The unit features additional video channel inputs, allowing the integration of up to 3 extra fixed or PTZ cameras all utilizing the feature-rich capabilities of the Primary camera when deployed on a pole or solar trailer

It takes just minutes to install the WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer at your locations, so you can be assured of rapid protection, and it can easily be moved to new locations as your sites develop or applications change.

Features and Benefits

  • High speed 4G LTE and Wi-Fi video solution

  • True rapid deployment surveillance capability

  • 20ft vertical tower rotates nearly 360 degrees

  • Year-round autonomous operation

  • Easy to transport / Easy to install

  • Purpose built wireless surveillance technology

  • Low power consumption

  • Silent operation

  • Best in breed trailer

  • Best in breed wireless camera technology


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Transmission methods

WCCTV provides the most competitive data packages, with all products specifically designed for the secure transmission of video over cellular networks.

  • 4G/LTE (with fall back to 3G)

  • Wi-Fi (Long range up to 2km, short-range 300 ft)

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