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The WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect)+ is a UK manufactured body worn camera offering live transmission of video, audio, real-time alerts and GPS via 4G.

The live transmission element enables a remote connection to a body worn camera in the field, allowing an operator to view live video, communicate with the wearer and understand their position via GPS.

Alternatively, the device's wearer can send an alert back to a control room, monitoring station or command centre with their live video, GPS location details and a request for assistance. The WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect)+ is a single unit with no external cables, battery packs, transmission units or tethering.

The WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Connect)+ features market-leading battery run times. It is capable of delivering up to 8 hours of live streaming video, 12 hours of video recording and 22 hours of standby time. 

The camera's simple, functional design lends itself to ease of use, with one button to start recording and one button to stop recording.

Why Use Live Transmission Body Cameras?

The demand for body worn camera technology has been driven by the need to protect the wearer and the public by having greater transparency over how incidents occur and have been dealt with.

This is purely retrospective - there is no opportunity for real-time intervention, advice or assistance for a wearer out in the field who is left to rely on his or her own best judgement until a review can occur.

WCCTV’s Body Camera Connect+ drastically improves security, safety and decision making as the 4G live streaming video allows a supervisor to provide real-time advice or assistance to an operative. 

The camera also records locally, storing any videos captured by the wearer in a secure, encrypted format for review and evidential usage.

Complete Body Worn Video Solutions

WCCTV's Body Worn Cameras can be provided as part of a complete body worn video solution when used in conjunction with WCCTV's Evidence Management Software (EMS).

EMS can be provided either cloud-based or standalone and provides users with a digitally secure total case management solution - allowing the searching, storing and sharing of video files securely and easily.

A wide range of accessories to support the Body Worn Camera Connect+ deployment are available, find out more here: WCCTV Body Worn Camera Accessories.

WCCTV also offers the Body Worn Camera as a record-only unit; find out more here: WCCTV Body Worn Camera (Record).

Ready to see if WCCTV's Body Worn Video Solutions can improve personal safety for you and your teams? Contact us today on 0800 470 4630 or email

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Status indicators


LED light - 4M illumination (true colour)


HD video recording


Audio recording


One button record


4G*, wifi streaming & GPS location details *(connect version only)


Local recording (up to 128GB)


2.8" front facing screen


Environmentally tested housing (IP65)

1 Status indicators

2 LED light - 4M illumination (true colour)

3 HD video recording

4 Audio recording

5 One button record

6 4G*, wifi streaming & GPS location details *(connect version only)

7 Local recording (up to 128GB)

8 2.8" front facing screen

9 Environmentally tested housing (IP65)

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WCCTV Body Worn Camera Video

Features and Benefits

  • Live access video via Body Worn Camera

  • Complete situational awareness

  • 4G, 3G and Wi-Fi with automatic fall-back ensures unrestricted coverage

  • Tiered data packages for optimal flexibility

  • One-Box system - no wires, cables or external batteries

  • 125° horizontal x 78° vertical field of view 

  • Up to 1080p playback at up to 30fps

  • 2.8” front-facing display

  • Local recording up to 128GB providing 90 hours recording

  • Durable housing - IP65 rated

  • Unique pre-recording functionality

  • GPS location information

  • Evidence Management Software provides full 256 (AES) encryption and video management

  • Footage date and time stamp for evidential purposes

  • 8 - 22 hour operation

  • Multiple accessories to support deployment


  • Police and civil enforcement

  • Retail Security

  • Lone and vulnerable workers

  • Emergency service response

  • Night-time economy operations

  • Revenue protection
  • Warden schemes

  • Security guards

  • Parking enforcement

  • Door supervisors

  • Deterrent to would-be offenders

  • Evidential usage: date, time and location stamped encrypted footage

  • Reduction in complaints against officers and ease of complaint management

  • Identification of offenders

  • De-escalation and conflict management

Purchase Information

For purchase information please complete a contact form.

Alternatively you can contact WCCTV on +44 (0) 800 470 4630 or

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WCCTV Body Worn Camera Specifications
Dimensions (HxWxD): 115mm x 65mm x 34mm
Operating temperature: -20 to +55C
Weight: 277G
720p, 960p and 1080p recording
25 or 30 frames per second playback
Audio and video recording
2.8" front-facing screen
Touchscreen control and navigation
8GB, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB or 128GB recording capacity options
Removable or non-removable storage depending on application
IP65 rated
30 seconds, 60 seconds, 90 seconds or 120 seconds pre-event recording buffer
AES 256 bit video encryption
Date, time and GPS stamping
Li-Polymer battery
12 hour battery (full recording)
8 hour battery (record and live streaming)
22 hour battery (stand by)
LED white-light with 5m illumination for day/night recording


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