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The WCCTV 4G Solar Mini Dome is an autonomously powered mobile video surveillance system specifically designed for monitoring and surveillance applications at off-grid and remote locations where power and mounting infrastructure are not available.

A WCCTV Pole Camera is fitted with an ultra-slim, high-performance solar panel with full battery back up capability to allow deployment in practically any location.

The system can be deployed by two methods:

Option 1 - Solar Pole Solution:

The solution is comprised of a WCCTV Pole Camera, secure battery enclosure charged by a single or double solar panel configuration mounted to a pole designed to suit your viewing requirements.

It can also receive video from 3 additional autonomously powered remote cameras within a 1000ft range, ensuring your whole site is fully protected. 

Its long-life battery backup capability ensures 10 days continuous performance regardless of solar output.

Option 2 - Solar Panel on Existing Pole:

The solution is comprised of a WCCTV Pole Camera, solar panel and a long-life battery built into a secure enclosure that can be mounted to an existing pole.

This deployment method is suitable for shorter-term operations and is compact and portable, but may not be suited to year-round operation depending on location. 

For locations without a pole or power, please see WCCTV's Solar Surveillance Trailer.

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Features and Benefits

  • Solar-powered mobile video surveillance

  • Pole provided or mount to your existing poles

  • Ideal for off-grid locations with power or transmission infrastructure

  • Compatible with either WCCTV IR Mini Dome +, WCCTV HD IR Mini Dome or WCCTV 4G HD Mini Dome

  • 4G, 3G, GPRS, Wi-Fi and IP connectivity

  • Access live and recorded video and time from any device

  • 50m IR capability*

  • Built-in analytics functionality

  • Built-in auto tracking*

  • Remote control with full pan, tilt and zoom functionality

  • Remote access to live and recorded footage

  • Additional camera inputs

  • Environmentally tested

  • Up to 4TB internal storage

*WCCTV HD IR Mini Dome variant only


Pole Cameras - WCCTV Solar Pole Camera - Mobile Video Surveillance

Pole Cameras - WCCTV Solar Camera - Mobile Video Surveillance

Transmission methods

WCCTV provides the most competitive data packages, with all products specifically designed for the secure transmission of video over cellular networks.

  • 4G LTE (with fall back to 3G)

  • IP/Broadband

  • LAN-only

  • Wi-Fi (Long range up to 2km, short-range 350 ft)

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