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WCCTV provides vehicle fitted CCTV systems

WCCTV's pole cameras can be deployed for traffic overview

Rapid deployment video monitoring for Road and Highways

WCCTV's rapid deployment video solutions are ideal for monitoring roads and highways for multiple applications.

WCCTV's pole cameras can easily be installed to monitor congestion or accident hotspot areas, while the inbuilt analytics capability can be utilized to identify a number of traffic violations. 

The WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer, which requires no supporting infrastructure for power or video transmission, can be installed at practically any location to monitor ongoing highway construction projects and temporary roadworks.

The Company also provides vehicle-mounted cameras for use by emergency response or incident support vehicles, including full installation and maintenance, and body cameras to provide safety and security for highway workers.


  • Traffic monitoring

  • Congestion monitoring

  • Temporary road traffic construction schemes

  • Event traffic management

  • Road surveys

  • Incident support

  • Road-side asset protection

  • Health and safety

  • Workforce protection

  • Emergency response

  • Vehicle fitted cameras

Key Products:

Key Benefits:

  • Little-to-no requirement for supporting infrastructure

  • Rapid deployment

  • Remote access to live and recorded footage

  • Improved safety for emergency workers

  • Ongoing technical support

Roads and Highways Surveillance

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