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WCCTV - Time Lapse Video Gallery

WCCTV's Time Lapse Video cameras and services are perfect for capturing progress at your construction or demolition job sites.

At the end of the project, WCCTV will provide you with a fully edited video to showcase your work at presentations, board meetings, and events as well as on your websites and social media – helping you drive traffic and build PR.

Throughout the duration of the project, you will have access to WCCTV’s time lapse video portal so you can view the latest images, create your own progress videos and even embed the video feed to your website.

Below are examples of recent projects we have completed for our clients throughout the US. 

If you are interested in our time lapse video services, click the link below:

WCCTV Time Lapse Video



Why Use WCCTV for your Time Lapse Videos:

  • High-quality Time Lapse Video production up to 4K resolution

  • Live remote access to your time lapse feeds

  • Full post-production and video editing to your specification

  • Standalone service or as an add on to your complete site security package

  • Any project length, see your construction, demolition or refit projects come to life

  • Showcase your projects and celebrate the achievements of your teams

  • Ideal for presentations, boardroom meetings, websites, blogs and social media

  • Communicate with stakeholders and senior management and drive public engagement

  • Project management

  • Minimal additional installation or maintenance

TN Defending Against Metal Theft with Wireless CCTV

Defend Against Metal Theft with WCCTV

The security experts at WCCTV look at the rising costs of materials and how this has increased theft for scrap yard companies throughout the USA.

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