Law Enforcement

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WCCTV provides remote access and HD Body Worn Cameras

WCCTV provides a range of rapid deployment systems for police forces

Law Enforcement - Body Worn Cameras and Rapid Deployment Video

WCCTV provides law enforcement agencies with overt and covert mobile surveillance systems designed to fight and reduce crime of all types.

Overt systems include WCCTV's rapid deployment dome range, body worn cameras and vehicle mounted systems.

Covert systems include WCCTV’s 4G DVR units, which can be integrated into multiple bespoke covert solutions to meet your requirements.

Key Benefits

  • Little-to-no requirement for fixed infrastructure

  • Rapidly redeployable systems - increased flexibility

  • Cost effective

  • Remote access to live and recorded footage

  • Improved safety for emergency personnel and public

  • Increased accountability

  • Conflict management

  • Evidential quality recordings

  • Ongoing technical support


Key Products

Secure Wireless Transmission

WCCTV background in cellular communications ensures the Company is able to provide fixed static IP addresses to securely transmit your images, a benefit unique to WCCTV. All footage is password protected and has a high-level encryption, ensuring evidential quality.


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