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WCCTV's Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras are easy to deploy and maintain

WCCTV Pole Camera systems have multiple powering options including solar power

Rapid Deployment Video for Federal, State and Local Government

WCCTV manufactures and supplies rapid deployment pole cameras and body cameras that have been utilized by government agencies since 2001, both in the USA and across the globe, for temporary, mobile or permanent applications in crime hotspots and areas associated with graffiti, illegal dumping, violence, disorder, gang culture and drug dealing.

WCCTV's rapid deployment pole cameras are specifically designed to deliver video securely and efficiently via 4G LTE networks - delivering speeds of up to 25 frames per second on a live connection, and real-time reviewing and downloading of evidentially secure recorded footage. 

Rapid deployment video systems offer many benefits over fixed fiber based cameras, including ease of install, reduced setup costs, and flexibility in deployment - when the problem in a particular area is solved the cameras can easily be moved elsewhere.

Reduced setup time and costs allow government agencies to offer a rapid and agile response to changing surveillance requirements. For more on the benefits of rapid deployment video systems click here

WCCTV helps you deliver real results (prosecutions, reduced crime, and improved neighborhood safety) by providing the highest quality technology backed by our world-class customer support service.

Read a selection of case studies from organizations we have worked with here: clicking here.

Key Benefits

15 years' experience in rapid deployment video

Public safety and crowd management

Ease of installation, no need for supporting infrastructure

Rapidly deployable - can be moved to meet changing requirements

Ability to generate revenue for the organization whilst solving problems

4G/LTE enabled systems are capable of delivering speeds of up to 25 frames per second on a live connection and provide high definition images up to 1080p.

Evidential quality recording with time, date stamp, and watermark

All WCCTV's systems are specifically designed to transmit video via cellular networks

Bespoke airtime and warranty packages and free of charge technical support to assist new and infrequent users of the systems to maximize their investment

Continuous product development


Key Products

WCCTV Mini Dome Solar Trailer: a portable rapid deployment surveillance solution with silent, autonomous powering.

WCCTV 4G HD Dome:  An all-in-one rapid deployment pole camera that delivers HD images up to 1080p

WCCTV 4G HD Heavy Duty Dome: A ruggedized rapid deployment pole camera designed for harsh environments that delivers HD images up to 1080p

WCCTV Body Cameras: Mobile video recording for law and civil enforcement agencies and personal security

WCCTV DVR Units: Integratable transmission units for multiple bespoke applications

Secure Managed Networks

WCCTV’s background in cellular communications ensures the Company is able to provide fixed static IP address to secure transmission of your images, a benefit unique to WCCTV.

All footage is password protected and has a high-level encryption, ensuring evidential integrity.

WCCTV wins ASIS Accolades

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