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WCCTV provides 4G LTE enabled Pole Cameras

WCCTV provides a range of Body Cameras

Law Enforcement - Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras and Body Cameras

WCCTV is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of portable rapid deployment video systems designed to fight and reduce crime of all types.

WCCTV has supplied 4G LTE enabled video surveillance systems to Law Enforcement agencies in the USA and around the globe since 2001. 

Key products include the Company's range of Pole Cameras - which act as an overt deterrent to criminal activity such a public disorder, illegal dumping and traffic offenses. Should any criminal activities occur, WCCTV's pole cameras are enabled to transmit live video via cellular networks whilst simultaneously recording evidentially secure video files to the camera's integral hard drive.

WCCTV's pole cameras deliver HD video (up to 1080p), are easy to deploy, can be easily moved to a new location should your operational requirements change and significantly reduce the setup costs associated with video cameras.

WCCTV is also a leading manufacturer of Body Cameras for Law Enforcement agencies. The Company's range includes the WCCTV Body Camera (Record) and the WCCTV Body Camera (Connect) which delivers live transmission of video, audio, GPS information and real-time alerts from the wearer's via 4G LTE (with automatic fallback to 3G) and/or local Wi-Fi hot spots.

The transmission element enables an operator to connect to a unit in the field, view the live video and understand the wearer’s position via GPS. The wearer is able to send an alert back to the control room, indicating that they may require support or assistance.


  • Intelligent remote surveillance

  • Overt and covert operations

  • Force multiplier

  • Business and parking lot protection

  • Public safety and crowd management

  • Major events

Key Benefits

  • Quick installation

  • Cost effective

  • High quality

  • Future-proofed solutions

  • Quick deterrent


Key Products

Secure Wireless Transmission

WCCTV background in cellular communications ensures the Company is able to provide fixed static IP addresses to securely transmit your images, a benefit unique to WCCTV.

All footage is password protected and has a high-level encryption, ensuring evidential quality.

WCCTV wins ASIS Accolades

WCCTV Law Enforcement


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