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Law Enforcement Webinar: Prevent Crime with Mobile Surveillance

WCCTV will host a webinar for Law Enforcement professionals on April 28th, focussing on the multiple crime prevention benefits of mobile video surveillance cameras.

We'll focus on how rapid deployment pole-mounted security cameras and solar surveillance trailers can help prevent and investigate common challenges faced by PDs.

Key applications we'll cover include:

  • Illegal Dumping

  • Business and Parking Lot Security 

  • Outdoor Events

  • Narcotics and Organized Crime

  • Highways and Intersection Monitoring 

The session will mix real-life case studies and deployment scenarios from our client base and showcases the latest mobile video surveillance technology.

Registration is completely free, and this is a unique opportunity to get ahead of the latest crime prevention and investigation trends.

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Register for WCCTV's Law Enforcement Webinar

The event will be hosted by our Technical Account Manager Rich Harries, who has over 10-years of experience in helping law enforcement agencies get the results they want utilizing camera technology.

He will explore how WCCTV's cameras: 

  • Remove the opportunity to commit a crime

  • Act as a visible deterrent

  • Enhance investigations and intelligence gathering

  • Assist in reducing violence in your communities

The event will also provide a first look at our latest generation pole cameras:

  • 4G Multi-Sensor Dome: 4G LTE Pole Camera that can provide video streams from four different directions utilizing 4G LTE transmission

  • 4G IR Mini Dome +4G LTE Pole Camera with built-in auto-tracking capability.

We will begin the webinar at 10 am CST on 28th April and anticipate we will run for about an hour, with time for a Q&A on top of the planned learning. 

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Register for WCCTV's Law Enforcement Webinar

WCCTV's mobile video surveillance cameras help Law Enforcement agencies prevent and investigate crime.

Our 4G LTE enabled pole cameras and surveillance trailers have been utilized by Law Enforcement in the USA and around the globe since 2001. 

For more information, get in touch on 877 805-9475 or email

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