Introducing Security as a Service

WCCTV's Security as a Service is revolutionary approach to video surveillance, one that allows organizations to benefit from video surveillance with minimal upfront investment, and maximum results and support. 

The key benefits of WCCTV's Security as a Service include:

  • Spread the cost of your surveillance project over extended periods time, rather than upfront outlay

  • Maximum flexibility, only use the cameras when you need them and don't pay for cameras you don't need

  • Options to upgrade to latest equipment - reduce the risk of your surveillance technology becoming outdated

  • All equipment can be purchased at a later date with a discount for previous rental


As well as pricing flexibility, you will also receive a range of best-in-class support services to assist with the effective usage of your cameras, including:

  • Remote install

  • Network Management

  • Remote training

  • Remote diagnostics

  • Support guides and videos

  • Technical support

  • Video download and packaging

If you would like to know more about how WCCTV's Security as a Service could work for you, please contact our office on 877 805-9475 or email

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