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WCCTV provides a range of pole camera systems

WCCTV's rapid deployment cameras help reduce crime

Rapid Deployment Pole Cameras for Community Protection

WCCTV is a specialist manufacturer and supplier of rapid deployment pole camera solutions that assist community protection organizations to deliver public safety, reduce crime and the fear of crime, provide a visual deterrent to potential offenders and capture evidentially secure video footage.

WCCTV's pole cameras are specifically designed to utilize 4G technology for video transmission. They are easy to install, are cost-effective and offer the convenience of a fix-power-walk away set up. Should your monitoring requirements change, WCCTV's portable pole cameras are incredibly easy to relocate.

Key solutions include the WCCTV 4G HD Dome, a rapid deployment pole camera capable of delivering HD images and video analytics with zero latency over 4G LTE.

Rapid deployment video solutions offer a multitude of benefits when compared to traditional wired systems, find out more.

Features and Benefits

  • 4G LTE ready products

  • Rapid installation - fix-power-walk away

  • Little requirement for supporting infrastructure

  • Remote access to live and recorded video

  • Ongoing support for lifetime of product

  • Flexible and portable systems

  • Access footage via iPhone/iPad/Android

  • Rental packages available

  • Quick deterrent


Key Products


  • Crowd safety and management

  • Illegal dumping

  • Park and recreation security

  • Parking lot security

  • Major events

  • Business protection

  • Neighborhood safety

WCCTV Community Protection

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