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Turner Construction Company - Site Security

Background - Jobsite Surveillance

Turner Construction Company operates multiple job sites across the US at any given time. Some sites require extra security, Time Lapse video documentation and remote project management video capabilities.

Traditionally the above requirements have been supplied by 3 separate vendors, resulting in high resource utilization from both a cost and management perspective.

WCCTV Construction Site Security Cameras

The Solution - Managed Security Cameras

At recent projects, Turner has elected to deploy the WCCTV's Solar Surveillance Trailer. an autonomous security system that can be rapidly deployed at practically any location, providing security for construction job sites, or any off-grid location that requires video monitoring.

The trailer is fitted with up to 4 of WCCTV's 4G Pole Cameras which transmit live and recorded video via 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, so users can remotely access the cameras any time from any device.

WCCTV LLC - Construction Job Site Security 1

WCCTV's 4G Pole Cameras all feature additional input channels, allowing the integration of up to 3 extra cameras, including Construction Time Lapse Video Cameras, all utilizing the feature-rich capabilities of the primary pole camera deployed on a solar trailer.

Click to View WCCTV's Solar Surveillance Trailer

The Result

By deploying the WCCTV Solar Surveillance Trailer, Turner Construction was able to find a solution to a number of challenges. The solution offered an out of hour's site security system saving on costs against security guards and patrols.

Remote camera access enabled a reduction in site visits and provided retrospective high definition video footage to be used for training exercises and site analysis.

The Quote 

“The WCCTV video trailer provided the option of 3 capabilities in one device supplied and supported by 1 vendor - reducing cost and lines of supply and communication, and was also able to provide time lapse video footage project as it developed to completion."

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