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Duncanville Police Deparment

Organization and Sector

In common with most urban areas, the City of Duncanville faces the challenge of break-ins to vehicles and local businesses. The City's Police Department spends several man-hours investigating these crimes.

In order to assist with these investigations, and to help reduce such incidents, Duncanville Police Department wanted to source a video surveillance system that had the ability to be located to crime hotspots on a temporary basis.

The Solution

In order to meet the City's requirements, WCCTV provided Duncanville PD with a WCCTV 4G Solar Mini Dome for autonomous powering.

WCCTV’s 4G HD Mini Dome is a rapid deployment video pole camera capable of delivering HD images and video analytics with zero latency over 4G LTE, with completely autonomous powering.

The system is comprised of a market leading PTZ camera, local recording capability (up to 4TB) and a wireless transmission device - all housed in a lightweight and portable unit.

The system also contains inbuilt video analytics functionality, allowing for greater detection, visual verification and email alarms of potential intrusions, traffic congestion or violations.

The Result

The WCCTV 4G Solar Mini Dome has been a great success for Duncanville PD acting as a visual deterrent to would-be vandals and assisting with identification of suspects.


The lightweight and self-contained nature of the system has enabled Duncanville PD to rapidly deploy the camera to protect businesses and parking lots from vandals around the city. They have been able to redploy the system to multiple locations when required at minimal cost.

The Quote

“The WCCTV Mini Dome with Solar has proved to be the perfect all-in-one redeployable video surveillance system helping with public space monitoring and deterring anti-social behavior.

The built-in analytics further aided our force by providing pro-active security.”

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