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Case Study: Waxahachie PD Grant Funding


Waxahachie Police Department identified a requirement for mobile surveillance trailers after borrowing equipment from neighboring agencies, typically during the holiday season when crimes peaked. 

Relying on borrowed equipment had become unstainable, particularly as the agency sought to be more agile and responsive in their approach to crime prevention and public safety

The Solution

Waxahachie PD were successful with a $50,000 Justice Assistance grant bid through the North Central Texas Council of Governments to purchase their own surveillance equipment.

The program allows local governments and non-profit entities receive assistance in the development of projects and programs specifically designed to address crime-related issue within their communities.

WCCTV Waxachcie Trailer

WCCTV Surveillance Trailers

The agency invested a portion of their grant award in securing two WCCTV's Mini Dome Solar Trailers, autonomously-powered rapid deployment mobile video surveillance systems that can be installed at practically any location

The trailer are ideal for providing security at businesses and parking lots or acting as a rapid deployment crime fighting tool at areas of high crime or during public events.

They can be fitted with up to four WCCTV pole cameras, so all live and recorded footage can be accessed via 4G LTE, 3G and Wi-Fi, allowing users to remotely view and download video via smartphone, tablet, computer or via a monitoring station.

The Result

Speaking directly about the WCCTV Trailer solution, Waxahachie PD chief Wade Goolsby stated:

“Anytime we have a specific problem in the area we can put those out. They are great for parking lots where you have a high density of people to kind of make your presence known,”

“The average person won’t notice it but the person who is looking to commit crimes will. So it is a good deterrent for them and a good tool for us to see what is going on.”

Goolsby further explained that the equipment is used for events such as the Texas Country Reporter Festival, which brings around 25,000 people to the city. From the tower, officers can survey the crowd without being intrusive.

“We have seen that it had worked pretty effectively during the holiday season when our crimes spike,” Goolsby said. “We wanted to continue that without having to borrow equipment from another agency.”

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