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The WCCTV Body Camera (Connect) is a multi-award-winning body camera that delivers live video, audio, real-time alerts and GPS information via 4G LTE cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The transmission element enables remote connection to a body camera, allowing an operator to view live video, communicate with the wearer and understand their position via GPS. Alternatively, the wearer can send an alert back to a monitoring room with their live video and GPS location details.

The WCCTV Body Camera (Connect) is a single unit device, with no external cables, battery packs or transmission units.

Why Connect?

Body cams provide numerous benefits, including greater protection for the wearer and the public by having unbiased transparency over how incidents occur and have been dealt with.

However, this is purely retrospective - there is no opportunity for intervention, advice or assistance for a wearer in the field, who is still left to rely on their own best judgement until a review can take place.

WCCTV’s Body Camera (Connect) drastically improves security, safety and decision making for agents in the field, and allows supervisors to coordinate tactical operations in real-time with eyes on the ground.

Complete Body Video Solutions

WCCTV's Body Cameras can be provided as part of a complete body video solution when used in conjunction with WCCTV's Evidence Management Software (EMS).

EMS can be provided either cloud-based, hybrid-install or as a standalone install on a single machine. It provides users with a digitally secure total case management solution - allowing the searching, storing and sharing of video files securely and easily.

A wide range of accessories to support the deployment of the Body Camera (Record) are available, find out more here: WCCTV Body Camera Accessories.

WCCTV also offers the Body Camera as a record-only unit, find out more here: WCCTV Body Camera (Record).

Features and Benefits

  • Live access video via Body Camera

  • Complete situational awareness

  • 4G LTE and 3G with automatic fall-back ensures virtually unrestricted coverage

  • Tiered data packages for optimal flexibility

  • One-box system - no wires, cables or external batteries

  • 125° horizontal x 78° vertical field of view 

  • Up to 1080p playback at up to 30fps

  • 2.8” front-facing LCD display screen

  • Local recording up to 128GB providing 90 hours recording

  • Durable housing - IP65 rated

  • Pre-event recording (120 seconds)

  • GPS location information

  • Evidence Management Software provides full 128 BIT (AES) encryption and video management

  • Footage date and time stamp for evidential purposes

  • 7-17 hour operation

  • Multiple mounting options


  • Law enforcement applications

  • Command and control situations

  • Situational awareness

  • Health and safety applications

  • Project overview

  • Covert surveillance of urban areas

  • Overt surveillance

  • Close quarters surveillance

  • Event management

  • Crowd control


WCCTV Body Camera

Transmission methods

WCCTV provides the most competitive data packages, with all products specifically designed for the secure transmission of video over cellular networks.

  • 4G/LTE (with fall back to 3G, and GPRS)

  • Wi-Fi

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