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Wireless Surveillance Solutions

Traffic & Transport Surveillance

Remote vehicle camera

The Verizon certified Nano can be utilized in any vehicle either overtly or covertly as a fixed or temporary installation.

Linking the WCCTV Nano to any external camera allows a rapid response vehicle to transmit live video from the scene of any accident or congestion hot spot to a control room. This assists with the quality and speed of decision making and can result in a reduction in motorist delays. Information and route alterations can also be shared with drivers via variable message sign updates.

In addition an external housing allows the Nano to be located on the road network at accident black spots, in road works and for major events to provide temporary surveillance and allow a greater understanding of trafic congestion within an area.

It has also been used on the rail network to monitor level crossings, bridges and areas of the track which have suffered from vandalism.

What comes with the Nano?

  • A Verizon Wireless airtime package
  • Complete training documentation and Customer Support
  • Accessories such as cameras or cables to allow connection to your existing cameras.
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