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Wireless Surveillance Solutions

City & Urban Surveillance

Mini dome

In any area where you do not have a fixed fiber CCTV network the WCCTV Verizon certified Nano product can provide you with access to live and evidential quality video images on a temporary or permanent basis. Using the Nano in conjunction with a PTZ camera and waterproof housing, you instantly have a rapidly deployable overt surveillance and information gathering system. This product is ideal for crime hotspots  and areas associated with graffiti, violence, disorder, gang culture and drug dealing. When the problem in a particular area is solved, the system can then be moved elsewhere.

What comes with the Nano?

  • A Verizon Wireless airtime package
  • Complete training documentation and Customer Support
  • Accessories such as cameras or cables to allow connection to your existing cameras.
Data sheet Nano Data sheet
Data sheet Mini Dome Data sheet (integrated Nano solution)
Case study Case Study of this Product in use