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Wireless Security Products


The Verizon Certified WCCTV Nano is the smallest 1 camera system with Wireless (3G, LTE) access available. The system can be used with any industry standard camera and is ideal for vehicle, body worn, overt or covert applications, in door or outside use.

The system comes complete with a removable compact flash recording capability which can provide up to 8 days of evidential quality video recording at 25 frames per second (or less if you want to lengthen the recording capability, its up to you). Each image is date and time stamped and digitally watermarked so it can be used evidentially.

The live and recorded video can be accessed remotely from a control room, PC, laptop, iPad, PDA, iPhone or Android device. It is possible for 6 people to access the images simultaneously in different places via different methods.

It can be used with mains or battery power or fuel cell technology. A ruggedized version of the product is ideal for harsher outdoor environments.

Nano connections

Audio, GPS and Panic alarm facilities can also be added to the product, without increasing its size.

The WCCTV Nano is supplied inclusive with Verizon connectivity. There will be no monthly connectivity charges as long as users stay within their usage plans.


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